Sunday Sit-Down – Meme

Sunday Sit-Down

For me, Sunday’s are a day for catching up on some: housework, blog related-tasks and figuring out what I’m going to do in the coming week. I thought it would also be a nice idea to recap a little of what’s been going on in my life and on my blog. If you’d like to join in on this meme, I encourage you to do so. :) It’s a nice way to let others know what you’ve been up to, where you’ve been (on the Internet or in “real” life) and help us keep track of everything that’s going on. Don’t forget to link back to the Sunday Sit-Down post at Book Reviews By Bobbie so others can read your post too!

This week was a slower one on my blog.
On Tuesday I reviewed two cookbooks in one post; Modern Classics, Book 1 & 2 by Donna Hay…they are really lovely cookbooks and both of them received 10/10 ratings from me! :)
Wednesday and Thursday were busy days on the home front so there wasn’t anything posted.
Friday I posted the
Friday’s Find; it was the book Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln’s Mother and Other Botanical Atrocities by Amy Stewart, Illustrated by Briony Morrow-Cribbs. I can’t say enough great things about this book; I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

On a more personal level, we got DS all ready to go back to school next week; we spent too much money, as usual, but we like to buy him really good quality stuff so it lasts for at least 6 months (he’s hard on his stuff. lol ;) I’m going to miss DS when he’s back to school, but it will be a little easier to do my reading & reviewing when I have the day to myself…sounds selfish I know, but it’s pretty true. Yesterday we had a Family Day at DH’s work and it was really fun; they had a bouncing castle, cotton candy, popcorn, a bbq lunch, nifty static displays, fire trucks that the kids could climb in and they even had a dunk tank!! :) Then we had supper at a friend’s house & met new friends there…now we’ve been invited to go to THEIR house for supper today. Fun stuff all round! :D
This coming week I want to get 2-3 reviews posted up and plan to read a few more books…looks like romance is on the menu as I have several romance ARC’s to get through.

So what are you doing today?
What did you do in the past week and what are your plans for the coming week?

Friday’s Find – Meme

Friday's Find   Book Reviews By Bobbie

We’ll chat about a fascinating book, audiobook, movie, blog, website, etc. It might be trendy or unpopular, old or new…it’s sure to be interesting and it’s hosted by yours truly! Please offer your thoughts on our Friday’s Find and share your own.
Don’t forget to link-back to Book Reviews By Bobbie; if you leave a comment in this week’s Friday’s Find, other people will be able to stop by & read your post too.

This Friday’s Find is a:


wicked plants

Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln’s Mother and Other Botanical Atrocities by Amy Stewart, Illustrated by Briony Morrow-Cribbs

I want to tell you all about that this book; it sounds FAN-tastic! Years ago, when I used to garden, I started to understand a little more about plant toxicity and the unknown dangers lurking in our gardens. When I saw this book I just knew that I had to feature it as this week’s, Friday’s Find! I really, really want a copy of this book and I hope that all of you lovely readers and gardeners enjoy this book’s informative content and gorgeous illustrations.

“A tree that sheds poison daggers; a glistening red seed that stops the heart; a shrub that causes paralysis; a vine that strangles; and a leaf that triggered a war. Stewart takes on over two hundred of Mother Nature’s most appalling creations in an A to Z of plants that kill, maim, intoxicate, and otherwise offend.

Menacing botanical illustrations and splendidly ghastly drawings create a fascinating portrait of the evildoers that may be lurking in your own backyard. Drawing on history, medicine, science, and legend, this compendium of bloodcurdling botany will entertain, alarm, and enlighten even the most intrepid gardeners and nature lovers.”

About the author:

Amy Stewart tends a poison garden of her own in northern California. She is the award-winning author of four books on the perils and pleasures of the natural world.

Her essays and commentaries have appeared in the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, Garden Design, Organic Gardening, and elsewhere. She’s been featured on NPR, Good Morning America and CBS Sunday Morning. amy stewart

Stewart lives in Eureka, California, with her husband Scott Brown. They own an antiquarian bookstore called Eureka Books and tend a flock of unruly hens in their backyard.

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) granted her a Creative Writing Fellowship for 2006.

She is the author of From the Ground Up: The Story of a First Garden, The Earth Moved: On the Remarkable Achievements of Earthworms, and the New York Times bestselling Flower Confidential: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful in the Business of Flowers. Her newest book is Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln’s Mother & Other Botanical Atrocities (Algonquin Books, May 2009).

Recent honors and awards include:

NEA grant recipient, 2006

California Horticultural Society’s Writer’s Award 2005

Barnes & Noble ‘Discover Great New Authors’ Program

Discovery Channel Book Club Selection

Book translations into Dutch, Japanese, French, and Korean

Rave reviews from the New York Times, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, Entertainment Weekly, and others
National Public Radio guest; frequent radio and television appearances
Lecture and workshops at the American Museum of Natural History, Northwest Flower & Garden Show, United States Botanic Garden, and California Academy of Sciences


What fun, new or exciting thing did you find today?

Book Reviews – Modern Classics, Book 1 & 2

Modern Classics, Book 1modern classics book 1
Written by: Donna Hay
Published by: Ecco
Date: 2002
Pages: 192
Format: Trade Paperback
(Trimsize: 8×12)
ISBN: 978-0060095246

Top Pick

Modern Classics, Book 1 includes recipes in the following categories: soup, salads, vegetables, roasts & simmers, pasta, noodles & rice, savoury pies & savoury tarts.

A small sample of the recipes inside Book 1:

Potato, Bacon & Leak Soup
Vietnamese Noodle Salad
Thai Beef Salad
Spinach and Cheddar Soufflé
Basic Gravy
Roast Pork Loin
Roast Leg of Lamb
Bacon & Egg Pies
Fettuccine Carbonara
And so much more…


Modern Classics, Book 2modern classics book 2
Written by: Donna Hay
Published by: Ecco
Date: 2003
Pages: 192
Format: Trade Paperback
(Trimsize: 8×12)
ISBN: 978-0060525897

Top Pick

Modern Classics, Book 2 includes recipes in the following categories: cookies, biscuits, small cakes, cakes, desserts, hot puddings, pies & tarts.

A small sample of the recipes inside Book 2:

Shortbread Biscuits
Chocolate Brownie
Melting Moments
Lemon Slice
Mango Cakes
Apple and Cinnamon Tea Cake
Chocolate Truffle Cake
Summer Trifle
Poached Summer Fruits
Lemon Soufflé
Christmas Pudding
Berry Tartlets
And so much more…

Donna Hay has written more then 17, award-winning cookbooks and she is the editor of the donna hay magazine; it has more than 300,000 Australian readers, has subscribers in 82 countries around the world and it is a top-selling international food magazine. Donna’s cookbooks are beautifully presented with many, large, full-colour, elegant photographs of the respective dishes; the photographs really motivate the reader to get out there and start cooking! Both of these cookbooks have a wonderful variety of mouth-watering recipes inside; theres something for everyone. The cooking instructions for each recipe are very concise and this is perfect for the experienced cook. At the same time, these succinct instructions might cause a few problems for the beginner cook who might prefer more step-by-step instructions until they can get the hang of things. I still recommend that cooks with all levels of expertise, buy these cookbooks, but the less-experienced cooks may want to save these fine books for a few weeks, until they’ve become a little more comfortable in and around the kitchen. For experienced cooks, these books are the answer! I firmly believe that you can never have too many cookbooks; if you don’t have the space to store a vast cookbook collection, I highly recommend that you add these modern classics to your small list of must-haves…you won’t be disappointed. At the back of each of the cookbooks there is a list of tools that you will need (and pictures of the tools), a detailed glossary and a helpful index. These classic, but fresh recipes are sure to please the most discerning guests and keep your guests coming back for more .
I very highly recommend these cookbooks to anyone who loves to cook!

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ (10 out of 10 Diamonds) – Absolutely LOVED it!!

Read more about Modern Classics, Book 1 or Modern Classics, Book 2.
Find out where to buy: Book 1 or Book 2.

Link to the Author’s Website:

Link to the Publisher’s Website:

A special thanks to HarperCollins Canada for sending me a copy of each of these cookbooks to review.

Copyright ©  Book Reviews By Bobbie — Bobbie Crawford-McCoy

Sunday Sit-Down – Meme

Sunday Sit-DownFor me, Sunday’s are a day for catching up on some: housework, blog related-tasks and figuring out what I’m going to do in the coming week. I thought it would also be a nice idea to recap a little of what’s been going on in my life and on my blog. If you’d like to join in on this meme, I encourage you to do so. :) It’s a nice way to let others know what you’ve been up to, where you’ve been (on the Internet or in “real” life) and help us keep track of everything that’s going on.


Yet another busy week that went by in a blurr.
On Tuesday I reviewed
East of the Sun by Julia Gregson; I loved it!!  On Wednesday, I was so excited because I found out that my blog had been nominated for 6 BBAW Awards; how fantastic is that? :) I was so thrilled to receive these nominations and I want to thank everyone who took the time to vote and also to thank everyone who made the BBAW possible.
On Thursday I posted about the
New York Times List of Bestselling books, announced some New TBR Review Copy Arrivals and I reviewed Fear the Worst by Linwood Barclay; another highly recommended read!
On Friday I posted the
Friday’s Find meme which featured the SPOT: Handheld Satellite Communication & Safety Device; great for campers, hikers, hunters and more.

On the home front, we made a trip to our local library where I donated a few books and supplied them with a list of my top 10/10 reviews…they are now posted on the Local Public Library website with a link back to Book Reviews By Bobbie; neat eh? :) Yesterday, we had some new friends over for a bbq and we all had a lovely time; good food, great company and nice weather. This morning, DH & DS went fishing and they had a super time. We’re planning to relax for the rest of the day and probably go for a short walk to the local park. :)

What have you been up to this week and what are your plans for the day?

Friday’s Find – Meme

Friday's Find   Book Reviews By Bobbie

We’ll chat about a fascinating book, audiobook, movie, blog, website, etc. It might be trendy or unpopular, old or new…it’s sure to be interesting and it’s hosted by yours truly! Please offer your thoughts on our Friday’s Find and share your own.

 This Friday’s Find is:

SPOT: Handheld Satellite Communication & Safety Device

I know what you must be thinking: why in the world is Bobbie talking about this thing as her Friday’s Find when it has NOTHING to do with books? Well, that’s a great question and you would be 100% correct! It has nothing to do with reading or books BUT it certainly looks like a fantastic product and it seems to be a relatively affordable product for campers, hikers, fishermen & fisher women, hunters, etc. My DH pointed it out to me yesterday and I just know that he wants one now! :)


DH & DS love to go fishing and they want to go camping too, but I’m such a worry-wart that I can’t stand the idea of them getting lost or injured deep in some forest where I have no idea how to get to them. This unit is pretty darn neat because it is the world’s first satellite messenger. Leveraging both GPS satellite and SPOT’s own network, the device is able to report its location to friends and family even in areas without cellular or wireless coverage. DH says I can track him on Google Maps or something of that nature. :)

SPOT screen shot

Tech Junkie talks a little more about it in this YouTube video, below:

I think there is a monthly or yearly fee, depending on which option you choose. I’m pretty sure we’ll own one of these before long.

What do you think about the SPOT: Handheld Satellite Communication & Safety Device?

What did you find this Friday? :)

Book Review – Fear the Worst

Fear the Worst
Written by: Linwood Barclay
Published by: Doubleday CanadaFear the Worst
Date: August 11th, 2009
Pages: 416
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0385668026

Top Pick

Fear the Worst is a heart-pounding thriller that keeps you guessing to the very end; this book is a sure-fire hit!”

Product Description – From
“Seventeen-year-old Sydney Blake’s summer is shaping up to be typical for a teenager: she’s spending it with her father, and she has landed a part-time job at a local hotel. One night, Syd fails to come home from her shift, and her father Tim is a bit alarmed. However, that alarm turns to full-on panic after he visits the Just Inn Time hotel and the manager claims that Syd has never worked there. Grilling his daughter’s friends for clues leads Tim nowhere — except to threats against his life — and as he frantically chases every lead, he can’t help but wonder if Syd is even still alive. Despite a growing list of unanswered questions, all Tim knows for certain is that he must continue searching for his daughter — no matter how high the stakes become.”

Fear the Worst is one heck of a ride and it comes from the Canadian, #1 Internationally Bestselling Author of Too Close To Home; I’ve never read it and if Fear the worst is any indication, it is probably phenomenal! I cannot say enough positive things about this book; it’s high-adrenaline, fast-paced and has a lot of fantastic plots twists that surprised the heck out of me…in the very best of ways. This story is painstakingly-weaved to keep the reader guessing and I, as a sceptic, still didn’t see any of the major plot twists coming which increased my interest in the story and clearly demonstrated the Author’s skill for writing awesome thrillers! I seriously couldn’t put this book down and I really didn’t want it to end; it’s a page turner so if at all possible, you’ll want to set a few hours aside for uninterrupted reading. All of the characters are well developed and felt all too human. Tim Blake’s love for his daughter Sydney, is a big part the story’s focus and also on the attempted search and rescue of his child from terrible cruelties and who knows what else if he can’t find her quickly enough. In the race against time, criminals (who are also searching for Syd) and the authorities, Tim pulls out all the stops and reveals the genuine depths of a father’s love. This story is very realistic, gritty and aggressive; there is some swearing and graphic violence that may offend some readers but these essential elements enhance the story immensely.
I very highly recommend this book to all thriller fans and to anyone who wants to try something exciting and new!

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ (10 out of 10 Diamonds) – Absolutely LOVED it!!

Read more about Fear the Worst.
Find out where to buy this book.

Link to the Author’s Website:

Link to the Publisher’s Website:

A special thanks to Random House Canada for sending me a copy to review.

Copyright ©  Book Reviews By Bobbie — Bobbie Crawford-McCoy

New TBR Review Copy – Arrivals

Each review copy is like a precious gift; a treasure just waiting for me to discover, read and review it. :)

Every book that I review on Book Reviews By Bobbie has been sent to me specifically for review.

Did you find anything here that you are going to add to your TBR list? :)

The New York Times Bestselling Books List

The New York Times Best Sellers List
August 20th, 2009

Hardcover Fiction

Top 5 at a Glance
1. BAD MOON RISING, by Sherrilyn Kenyon
2. THAT OLD CAPE MAGIC, by Richard Russo
3. THE HELP, by Kathryn Stockett
5. INHERENT VICE, by Thomas Pynchon

Hardcover Nonfiction

Top 5 at a Glance
1. CULTURE OF CORRUPTION, by Michelle Malkin
2. OUTLIERS, by Malcolm Gladwell
4. CATASTROPHE, by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann
5. LIBERTY AND TYRANNY, by Mark R. Levin

Paperback Trade Fiction

Top 5 at a Glance
1. THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE, by Audrey Niffenegger
3. THE SHACK, by William P. Young
5. THE WEIGHT OF SILENCE, by Heather Gudenkauf

Paperback Mass-Market Fiction

Top 5 at a Glance
1. BENGAL’S HEART, by Lora Leigh
3. THE QUICKIE, by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
4. CHOSEN TO DIE, by Lisa Jackson
5. STORM OF VISIONS, by Christina Dodd

Paperback Nonfiction

Top 5 at a Glance
2. JULIE & JULIA, by Julie Powell
3. MY LIFE IN FRANCE, by Julia Child with Alex Prud’homme
4. THREE CUPS OF TEA, by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin
5. THE FAMILY, by Jeff Sharlet

Hardcover Advice

Top 5 at a Glance
1. ACT LIKE A LADY, THINK LIKE A MAN, by Steve Harvey with Denene Millner
2. MASTER YOUR METABOLISM, by Jillian Michaels with Mariska van Aalst
3. THE LAST LECTURE, by Randy Pausch with Jeffrey Zaslow
4. THE SECRET, by Rhonda Byrne
5. EXCUSES BEGONE!, by Wayne W. Dyer

Paperback Advice

Top 5 at a Glance
1. WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING, by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel
2. THE LOVE DARE, by Stephen and Alex Kendrick with Lawrence Kimbrough
5. SKINNY BITCH, by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin

Children’s Books

Top 5 at a Glance
1. GOLDILICIOUS, written and illustrated by Victoria Kann
2. TEA PARTIES, by Jane O’Connor
3. GALLOP!, written and illustrated by Rufus Butler Seder
5. MARLEY GOES TO SCHOOL, by John Grogan

Graphic Books

Top 5 at a Glance
2. ASTERIOS POLYP, by David Mazzucchelli
3. FINAL CRISIS, by Grant Morrison, J. G. Jones, Carlos Pacheco and Doug Mahnke
4. THE HUNTER, by Darwyn Cooke
5. GREEN LANTERN: RAGE OF THE RED LANTERNS, by Geoff Johns, Shane Davis and others


My blog has been nominated…6 times!


Thanks to the BBAW & the voters, my blog has been nominated in 6 categories!

Yes, it is super exciting news for me because I had NO idea that anyone (other then me) would vote for Book Reviews By Bobbie!  I am SO very flattered to be included as a nominee with so many fantastic, more established book bloggers who make this community such a wonderful group to be a part of.

I (my blog) has been nominated in 6 categories so far:

1.  Most Extravagant Giveaways Category

2.  Best General Review Blog

3.  Most Eclectic Taste Blog

4.  Best New Blog

5.  Best Reviews

6.  Most Concise

Thank you to everyone who has nominated my blog…I am surprised and very humbled by your votes.

And a big congratulations to all of the other nominees!

Book Review – East of the Sun: A Novel

East of the Sun: A Novel
Written by: Julia east-of-the-sunGregson
Published by: Simon & Schuster,
A Touchstone Book
Date: June 2009 – Reprint
(Originally published in 2008)
Pages: 604
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-1439101124

Top Pick

East of the Sun is a breathtaking, literary masterpiece!”

Product Description – From
“As the Kaisar-i-Hind weighs anchor for Bombay in the autumn of 1928, its passengers ponder their fate in a distant land. They are part of the “Fishing Fleet” — the name given to the legions of Englishwomen who sail to India each year in search of husbands, heedless of the life that awaits them. The inexperienced chaperone Viva Holloway has been entrusted to watch over three unsettling charges. There’s Rose, as beautiful as she is naïve, who plans to marry a cavalry officer she has met a mere handful of times. Her bridesmaid, Victoria, is hell-bent on losing her virginity en route before finding a husband of her own. And shadowing them all is the malevolent presence of a disturbed schoolboy named Guy Glover.
From the parties of the wealthy Bombay socialites to the poverty of Tamarind Street, from the sooty streets of London to the genteel conversation of the Bombay Yacht Club, East of the Sun is graced with lavish detail and a penetrating sensitivity — historical fiction at its greatest.”

East of the Sun begins in London, England in September of 1928. Viva Holloway poses as an experienced chaperone and she takes on three charges for the voyage; two young women, Rose & Victoria, and a rather odd young man named Guy. They all make their way to Bombay, India on the luxurious ship, Kaisar-i-Hind. Viva is on her way back to Bombay to deal with unfinished business related to the death of her family and she chaperones the three young people as a way to pay for her passage to India. This story is beautifully described with picturesque images of India that capture the essence and the different customs found on the far away continent; the tastes, sights, aromas and sounds are so vivid, so tangible, that the reader experiences everything along with the characters and with the same impact. Many colourful, carefully-crafted characters dot the storyline, each of them unique and utterly captivating. I felt as if I had been transported to India where I became immersed in its unfamiliar culture and its earthy vitality.

Viva ran down the beach with them. There’d been days since she’d been back in Bombay when she’d positively hated it-too hot, too crowded, too smelly, too hard-but today, how could you not love it? This beautiful beach; the sun pouring out of the sky; the madcap bravery of these children forgetting so easily that they were orphaned and poor in one of the harshest cities on earth.

The narrative is vastly entertaining; at times it is humorous and witty, yet it has poignant moments that leaves the reader humbled with emotion and a deep sense of loss and sorrow. This story flows effortlessly, pulls at your emotions, and asks questions about your own humanity as it sweeps you up in its magnificence of scope and imagination.
This book is a long read, but it is worth every moment of your time!
I very highly recommend it to all historical fiction lovers and anyone with an interest in Bombay India or the “Fishing Fleet”.

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ (10 out of 10 Diamonds) – Absolutely LOVED it!!

Read more about East of the Sun.
Find out where to buy this book.

Link to the Author’s Website:

Link to the Publisher’s Website:

A special thanks to Simon & Schuster for sending me a copy to review.

Copyright ©  Book Reviews By Bobbie — Bobbie Crawford-McCoy

Sunday Sit-Down – Meme

Sunday Sit-DownFor me, Sunday’s are a day for catching up on some: housework, blog related-tasks and figuring out what I’m going to do in the coming week. I thought it would also be a nice idea to recap a little of what’s been going on in my life and on my blog. If you’d like to join in on this meme, I encourage you to do so. :) It’s a nice way to let others know what you’ve been up to, where you’ve been (on the Internet or in “real” life) and help us keep track of everything that’s going on.


This week went by really quickly and Sunday arrived before I knew it. 
On Monday, I reviewed
The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer – I really enjoyed this story!  
On Tuesday, I announced the
Book Giveaway Winners for The Lost Dog, The Blue Star and Just Food, I asked my readers if they think that Writing in Books is Wrong and I announced some new Review Copy Arrivals
On Wednesday, I reviewed
Public Lies by Brenda Youngerman – a super book and I asked my readers if they think we Need Liability Waivers.

Friday was a big day with our Friday’s Find that highlighted Low & Slow by Gary Wiviott, I also announced the Book Giveaway Winners of Dying for Mercy, talked about some Important Book Giveaway Updates, posted a Book Giveaway for The Sister Pact and talked about elusive Blog Trolls and Other Internet Crazies.

On a more personal note, I (and two other Official Members) participated in our first Bloggers Unite Book Club chat; it was really fantastic and we had a lot of fun discussing our August’s Book Club pick: The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.
DH, DS and I also had the pleasure of eating some fresh, locally grown blueberries which were DELICIOUS and we had some fresh corn on the cob for supper…YUMMY! :)

~ So what have you been up to this past week?
~ Do you have any big plans for today or is it just going to be a nice, relaxing Sunday with your family? :)

Blog Trolls & Other Internet Crazies…


Have You Been Hit by a Blog Troll?

I haven’t had the misfortune of being stalked on the Internet nor have I had a Troll on my blog (knock on wood) but I have watched as some of my fellow bloggers have been hit by them and it is a real shame! I feel so badly for them and hope that the EVIL blog trolls don’t find me…but I’m sure that I’ll experience this at some point in time.

Knowledge is power, so I took it upon myself to do a little online-research A.K.A. fact gathering from some wonderful resources, looking into the habits of these pesky creatures who need to get a life (and perhaps some “special help”).

So here goes…

The Urban Dictionary defines a Blog Troll as:

 1.(n) -A pathetic and moronic person who maintains a blog with an unhealthy obsessive-compulsive drive, especially angsty goths (sorry to all the likeable goths out there). The content of their blogs usually includes events that no sane person would care about. Here’s sample of what a blog troll might write on their blog:
“today, I ate a sanwich. It bad – it was just ok, mediocre, I guess you could call it. After that I read a few chapters out of an Anne Rice book and was deeply moved by her erotic descriptions of gay vampires fornicating. . Then I took a nap.

2.(n) -A depraved individual who sits in front of a computer all day and posts flames of an idiotic or pseudo-intellectual nature on public forums and private websites. Many of these people actually become emotional about what is said on the afore-said mediums and feel it is their duty to punish those who disagree with them. They too may pursue this object in an obsessive-compulsive manner.
Goddamnit! Blog Trolls are such fucktards! Don’t they have anything better to do other than posting stupid bullshit on the forums.


An article on Computer has a LOT of important information about different types of online abuse:

Spamming troll: Posts to many newsgroups with the same verbatim post.

Kooks: A regular member of a forum who habitually drops comments that have no basis on the topic or even in reality.

Flamer: Does not contribute to the group except by making inflammatory comments.

Hit-and-runner: Stops in, make one or two posts and move on.

Psycho trolls:  Has a psychological need to feel good by making others feel bad.


Cyberstalkers can also assume many different forms, according to Wood, although they’re basically characterized by a continuing pattern of communication that the recipient considers to be offensive. Other common traits of cyberstalkers are malice, premeditation, repetition, distress to the victim, an obsession on the part of the stalker, seeking of revenge, threats that make victims fear for their physical safety and disregarded warnings to stop.

As with trolls, there are several different types of cyberstalkers, according to Wood:

Intimate partner: The most common type of stalker, this is usually a man who has a history of controlling and emotional abuse during a relationship.

Delusional stalkers: This type of stalker builds an entire relationship with the victim in his or her mind, whether any prior contact has taken place or not. Such stalkers are likely to have a major mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or erotomania, which means they believe the victim is in love with them. The typical delusional stalker is unmarried, socially immature and a loner who is unable to sustain close relationships with others.

Vengeful stalker: This type of person is angry with the victim due to some real or imagined insult or injury. Some of these stalkers are psychopaths — a person affected with an antisocial personality disorder — who have no conscience or remorse. They may have paranoid delusions, often feeling that they themselves are victims and are striving to get even.

What to do

In many cases, victims feel they have very little ammunition — whether legal, technological or tactical — to stop the abuse. However, there are some things bloggers and other online contributors can do to try to avoid this kind of harassment or at least keep it from crossing into the physical world.

1. Know the trolls’ tactics
According to Wood, the first rule for dealing with trolls is to avoid being deceived by them in the first place. Don’t trust anything you receive or read without verifying the poster through known, reliable sources, he says. Also, ignore postings or private e-mails that are suspicious, such as those that praise, flatter or evoke a sympathetic response.


This is one of the more important acronyms in the blog world, meaning, “Don’t feed the trolls.” “Just like in-person bullies, trolls feed off your reaction,” Tim says. “Under no circumstances should you acknowledge the behavior or repay it with anger or defensiveness. If you don’t react, they’ll get bored and go away.”

Even if ignoring the harasser doesn’t get him to stop, at least you won’t fan his flames, Wood says. “The more a person responds, the more they teach the stalker about themselves or divulge information they shouldn’t,” he says.

3. Maintain your privacy
Don’t publish any personal information, such as your address or phone number. If you need to, use a Post Office box number. Wood suggests asking your state’s motor vehicles and voter registry to put a block on your address and phone number. “Otherwise, any person may obtain them just for inquiring,” he says.

Some longtime bloggers, such as Bray and his wife Lauren Wood, a senior technical program manager at Sun, refrain from posting photos of their children on their blogs.

4. Block and ban
If you’re experiencing abuse on a moderated blog, you can appeal to the administrator, who can try banning the troll. Be prepared to include a history of the troll’s posts, including full headers.

Some blog services offer technologies that enable you to block offensive participants. Using WordPress, Silverstein can moderate the comments of anyone who hasn’t contributed to the site before, which helps eliminate the hit-and-run type of trolls. “That allows me to weed out 90% of the abuse I get,” he says.

Another plug-in enables him to ban certain IP addresses. “That’s especially good for the really crazy people, if they post one comment that goes beyond the pale,” he says.

5. Keep a log
Be sure to keep a copy of anything you receive from the harasser, Lauren Wood suggests. If they contact you by phone rather than e-mail, take notes on what they say and how often they call, she says. “You’ll need proof rather than, ‘I think he was calling three times a day,'” she says. “You’ll want a log that says, ‘He called at 9:14 p.m.”

Above all, when you have an online presence, you need to prepare yourself for the possibility of becoming a target, Wood adds. “Just like in the real world, you need to realize which dark alleys you shouldn’t enter at night, and if you do, have protection and know what you should do when,” she says.

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Book Giveaway – The Sister Pact (IS CLOSED!)

The Sister Pact

*** Congrats to the winner DARCY ODDEN(#8) ***

** One(1) copy up for grabs! **

Thank you to Cami Checketts

The Sister Pact by Cami Checketts

Book Description
After a tragic fall leaves her sister in a coma, Savannah becomes the prime suspect in the investigation. Desperately hoping to prove her innocence, she convinces detective Noah Shumway to stay by her side at all times. But the close quarters prove too much for them to handle. Can Savannah find the proof she needs to show Noah she’s not a monster? And how can she rely on her faith and keep her family safe when it seems all hope is lost? The Sister Pact is a thrilling story of action, suspense, and love. Full of unexpected twists, this book will keep you guessing until the very last page. 

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♦Only one entry per household/IP address.
♦The contest ends at midnight on September 3rd, 2009.
♦One(1) winner will be picked in a random draw by 5pm (MDT) on September 4th, 2009.

Good Luck Everyone and Have Fun!

Book Giveaway UPDATES!! **Please READ!!**

 Your Attention Please

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From now on, when Book Giveaways close/expire, I will not be sending emails to the winners. This is a BIG change and some may wonder why I am doing it, right? Well, mostly it is a time-saving measure as writing each email is time intensive and I only post a few book giveaways at one time because of this. By shortening the whole process I will be able to post more book giveaways more often which is great for all of my followers! :) I will be announcing the winners on the “Book Giveaway WINNERS!!” post which has a nice, big image to catch your attention whether you are viewing my blog posts in a reader or you are an email subscriber. I still allow 7 days from the Book Giveaway’s expiry date for the winner(s) to contact me with their information (Full Name and Mailing address – no P.O. Boxes); anyone who doesn’t respond within that 7-day time-frame, permanently forfeits their prize(s), as has always been the case on my blog.

When you enter a Book Giveaway, please make sure to post your actual, proper, full name and email address. This will make it easier for me to complete the Book Giveaways and will allow you and all others who enter to check back on the Book Giveaway post and confirm the winner’s identity. This measure is necessary to reduce a lot of potential confusion and also eliminates the possibility of someone else claiming your prize, instead of you.

Every time a winner is announced, they must send me their full name and mailing address (NO P.O. Box allowed). I do NOT keep names and addresses on file so you must re-send your information even if you have won something before on Book Reviews By Bobbie.

I am sorry that this explanation is so long-winded, but I wanted to try to make it very clear to everyone. Feel free to ask me questions as I’m sure you have a few. :)

I will be flexible with these new guidelines for a few weeks so that everyone has time to get used to them and has a chance to read the Updates.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I truly appreciate all of you wonderful followers, commenters and friendly lurkers who drop by to enjoy the reviews, author interviews, meme posts and more.
You guys & gals ROCK!!! :D

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Friday’s Find – Meme

Friday's Find   Book Reviews By Bobbie

We’ll chat about a fascinating book, audiobook, movie, blog, website, etc. It might be trendy or unpopular, old or new…it’s sure to be interesting and it’s hosted by yours truly! Please offer your thoughts on our Friday’s Find and share your own.

 This Friday’s Find is a:


Low & Slow

Low & Slow: Master the Art of Barbecue in 5 Easy Lessons 

by Gary Wiviott with Colleen Rush 

Low & Slow is the recipient of the Chicago Tribune’s Good Eating Award, 2007 and by the looks of things, it was well deserved! It should be noted that I haven’t read or reviewed this book yet (though I’m thinking about requesting a review copy). Our family, like so many others around the world…just LOVES to eat BBQ! There is nothing quite like the smell of savory meat, smoking and cooking away on a summer afternoon … creating “neighbour envy” and inspiring others to have a BBQ that same day, almost against their will. I have always wanted my hubby to learn how to slow-cook/smoke meat, not that he does a bad job at the BBQ as it is! This book will surely be all that you, my hubby or anyone else will need to “make delicious, delicious barbecue”.


Book Blurb: “Welcome to Barbecue Boot Camp! Step away from the propane tank. Surrender all of your notions about barbecue. Forget everything you’ve ever learned about cooking with charcoal and fire. It is all wrong. Get it right with the “Five Easy Lessons” program. Includes over 130 recipes and step-by-step instructions for setting up and cooking low and slow on a Weber Smokey Mountain, an offset smoker or a kettle grill. This program is guided by a singular philosophy: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Do exactly as Gary says-don’t even think about opening the lid before it’s time.”

About the authors:


Gary Wiviott is a barbecue life coach. From the popular online tutorial that started it all to his lively cooking demonstrations and teaching diehards how to set up a smoker in Chicago’s notoriously brutal winter weather, he is committed to spreading the gospel of low and slow barbecue. He is no stranger to the most popular national barbecue forums and food communities, including, Slow Food USA, and the Society for the Preservation of Traditional Southern Barbecue. Gary is also the founder of, the Chicago-based culinary chat site.

Colleen Rush is the author of The Mere Mortal’s Guide to Fine Dining: From Salad Forks to Sommeliers, How to Eat and Drink in Style Without Fear of Faux Pas (Broadway, 2006). She knew very little (okay, nothing) about barbecue before meeting Gary—thought nothing of using lighter fluid—but has since reformed her ways and makes a damn fine pulled pork sandwich.

You can buy a paperback copy from for just $13.57… it seems like a real bargain, to me. :)

Liability Waivers…Do We Need Them?


Liability Waivers…Do We Need Them?

This question has plagued me ever since I started my blog.  I know that it may seem like overkill because who in their right mind would try to sue a book blogger (who doesn’t make any money at it) but you never really know, do you?

I have never been threatened with a lawsuit or anything, but does that mean that I shouldn’t be concerned about the possibility? Goodness knows, lawsuits can come at any old time and for, in my opinion, some of the stupidest reasons known to man…and sometimes those “ridiculous lawsuit” people win! Can you believe it?? 

I have taken (perhaps unnecessary) precautions and I have added a liability waiver to my blog, just in case.

But what do you think? Is it necessary to have a liability waiver on your book blog, personal blog or website? 

Am I being overzealous and a little paranoid or is it something that you will be looking into to because it sounds like a really good idea?

Or do you already have a Liability Waiver posted on your blog or website?

Please discuss this topic with me.

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Book Review – Public Lies

Public LiesPublic Lies
Written by: Brenda Youngerman
Published by: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Date: July 2007
Pages: 300
Format: Perfect Paperback
ISBN: 978-1432712969

Public Lies resonates powerfully; a brutally-honest look at domestic violence.”

Product Description – From
“Nancy thought she had married her Prince Charming. But six years later, she was on the run with her two young children, trying to escape her abusive, drug-addicted husband. In a new town, living under new names, the Cooper family begins life anew.
But as the years pass, Nancy’s children begin to question their mother’s motives for leaving. Her son’s constant recriminations fill her with guilt and give way to the thought that if they return home, maybe she can put things right. Returning to the place where her nightmare of a marriage began, she must now face a man whose days have been filled with twisted thoughts of revenge. As the court turns its back on her, her husband takes steps to punish her…as he always vowed he would.”

Public Lies is so incredibly realistic that it reads more like a biography then a fictitious story. This particular story has genuine, real-life implications; domestic abuse is all to prevalent in today’s society and Brenda Youngerman deserves a lot of credit for shining a light on a such serious issue by writing a story that lays bare many of the realities and misconceptions surrounding this type of abuse. The story of Nancy and Vince Cooper follows their lives as drug, alcohol and physical abuse turns a blissfully happy family into an endless nightmare. Nancy needs to keep her children safe and goes to great lengths to accomplish it; not every woman is as lucky. Some women have nowhere to turn and no one to ask for help! The narrative pulses with raw emotion; the fear, anger and hate threaten to overwhelm a mother’s love for her children and jeopardize their safety. The plot is skilfully woven to add realistic depth and patterns to the story. This is not a book for the faint of heart as it contains a fair amount of swearing and many vicious threats against Nancy and those who aid her; it is vulgar, but it lends more credibility to the story and characterizations.

Driving usually calmed her down. Not tonight …Not now … Not this time.
She was running from the horror, the evil, the unimaginable.
I’m being followed. I know I am. He’s watching every move I make. There is no way I’m going to escape without his knowing. He’ll find me.

There were moments when I wanted to shake Nancy for some of the stupid choices she makes but this too is part of an authentic abuse cycle; many times, victims of abuse can’t see what’s best for them because they live in fear of reprisal and are in to deep. I’ve really enjoyed reading this book because it stands for something and doesn’t sugar-coat domestic violence; I read it cover to cover in one day!
I very highly recommend this book!!

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ (9 out of 10 Diamonds) – Loved it!

Read more about Public Lies.
Find out where to buy this book.

Link to the Author’s Website:

Link to the Publisher’s Website:

A special thanks to Brenda Youngerman for sending me a copy to review.

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New TBR Review Copy – Arrivals

Each review copy is like a precious gift; a treasure just waiting for me to discover, read and review it. :)

Every book that I review on Book Reviews By Bobbie has been sent to me specifically for review.


Did you find anything here that you’re going to add to your TBR list? :)