Book Review of ‘To Seduce A Sinner (ARC)’

Sunday, September 14, 2008 (ARC) – original post

To Seduce A Sinner,
Book 2 in the Legend of the Four Soldiers
Written By: Elizabeth Hoyt
Published By: Forever, an imprint of Hachette Book Group USA, Inc., New York, 2008, First Edition, 400 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-0446406925
(Available NOW!)

To Seduce A Sinner is an emotional tale of bravery, love and sexual fulfillment”

Melisande Flemming decides that it’s high time to take matters into her own hands. She has been perfectly and desperately in love with Jasper Renshaw, Viscount Vale for as long as she could remember. Lady Emeline Gordon and Melisande has been best of friends since childhood and because Emeline’s property bordered on Lord Vale’s, Melisande witnessed her heart’s desire flirting with, seducing and romancing beautiful ladies throughout the years. He whispered sweet-nothings to exquisite looking women and was rumoured to be a marvellous lover. Through the passing years, Melisande stood quietly by while she watched possessively as Lord Vale became engaged to a Miss Mary Templeton.
Jasper Renshaw, better known to his peers as Lord Vale, couldn’t believe his bad luck. Who would have thought that he’d be thrown over by this lovely little heiress for a poor, untitled curate? While dealing with a terrible hangover and the rather distressing news of his broken engagement, Lord Vale had not heard Melisande quietly entering the room. Here was Melisande, a woman proposing to him in the vestry of the church, on the morning of what was to be his wedding to Miss Templeton. He could not have been more surprised by the question posed by the rather plain-looking friend of Emeline’s, then he was by his own very honest answer to her. Why not wed the Ms. Melisande Flemming? She seemed more then willing to marry him and was quite unwavering in her request. Very well then.

To Seduce A Sinner is a enchanting book which pairs up two of the most unlikely people in one of the most endearing ways possible; through the meeting of like-minds and the incredible persistence of enduring love. I found myself so entranced by the fragile, tender side of the very handsome and masculine Lord Vale. I was truly pleased by Melisande’s resolute acceptance of her new husband’s peculiarities and his strange behaviours. The love for her husband, her faith in his goodness and Jasper’s protectiveness and love for his wife, all coalesce to create a shining story of healing, love and desire.
I very highly recommend this book!! It follows To Taste Temptation By Elizabeth Hoyt very nicely and I’m so looking forward to reading To Beguile A Beast, the third book in the Legend of the Four Soldiers Series.

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ (8 out of 10 Diamonds) – Thoroughly enjoyed it

Link to the Author’s Website:
Link to the Publisher’s Website:

A special thanks to Renee at Hachette Book Group for sending me a copy.

To listen to an interview on Blog Talk Radio with Elizabeth Hoyt please click here.


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