*** CONGRATULATIONS to Alicia(#22), Kim H.(#45), Barb Wild(#89), Moonmaiden(#36) and Shawna F.(#80) ***

*** A Giveaway of Five(5) copies of HOW TO PROFIT FROM THE COMING RAPTURE by Steve and Evie Levy ***

A Special Thanks to Anna at Hachette Book Group.

Religious Irreverence
Are the end times near? Is the Rapture really just around the corner? Could Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson possibly be right? About 1 billion people among us believe, yes, absolutely. And that means one thing: investment opportunities!

Taking the familiar form of a how-to investment guide, Steve and Evie Levy delivers unto us HOW TO PROFIT FROM THE COMING RAPTURE, a book that instructs those readers who will certainly be left behind on how to exploit the inevitable demise of the world in order to make a tidy profit. Sure, the rivers and seas will run with blood, locusts will swarm, mountains will move all over the place, and famine will strike. But for the five billion of us left behind, the post-Rapture world will be a time of even more unique investment opportunities.

To Enter: Please make sure to leave a reply in the comment section of this post.

♦The giveaway is open to Canadian and US residents only.
♦You must be 18 years of age or older to enter.
♦The winner’s mailing address: NO P.O. Boxes.
♦Only one entry per household/IP address.
♦The contest ends at midnight on November 28th 2008.
♦Five(5) winners will be picked in a random draw and will be notified by 5pm (MDT) by e-mail on Saturday, November 29th 2008.

Good Luck Everyone and Have Fun!!


94 thoughts on “Book Giveaway of ‘HOW TO PROFIT FROM THE COMING RAPTURE’ (IS CLOSED!)

  1. i kind of feel like i shouldn’t enter…but i didn’t take this one to review, but that doesn’t mean i don’t want to read it. haha so hey, enter me!! number one hardly wins anyway…boooo


  2. This is definitely a must read!

    “The investment guide the Anti-Christ doesn’t want you to read.”

    Too funny!!

  3. Do you have ANY idea how many weird “lists” you could get on, just for associating with this book?? And I bet SOME of them consist of truly amazingly fun people, too!


    Darn — I’d never be able to vote Republican again… Oh, Wait — strike that — not an issue, never HAS been an issue — I’VE ~GOT~ an edumacation :) … This looks like scandalous fun!

  4. I’m making nothing on the stock market right now. Perhaps it’s time to rethink my strategy and try to profit from the rapture. Sign me up! Another really fun giveaway here, Thanks.

  5. Certainly sounds like a different type of book. Thank you for this unusual prize and contest!

  6. I’m still trying to figure this one out. Love the idea, though and so I can’t wait to read the book. Somehow, I figure my local Barnes and Noble won’t stock it, so this is my chance to read it. Thanks for such an interesting contest.

  7. Not my usual type of book but it sounds fascinating so I am curious! Thank you for the chance to win!

  8. This book could be awful and it wouldn’t matter–it would be worth it just for the title! Please enter me in the contest!

  9. Hmm, interesting concept for a fictional instruction manual?
    I would like to read about this novel concept. :-)

    Thank you.

  10. Looks like a highly entertaining read. Thanks for a great giveaway!
    jjdragonfly [at] gmail [dot] com

  11. I absolutely love the Left Behind series I have read them all twice and I would love to have this book about the coming Rapture. I don’t know what a URL is so I dont know if I have one or not so if I do would you please enter me for this book Thanks.

  12. If this happens, I think I’ll be more concerned about all of us surviving, then I will about money. I’d like to read the book, though.

  13. ****** CONGRATULATIONS TO Alicia(#22), Kim H.(#45), Barb Wild(#89), Moonmaiden(#36) and Shawna F.(#80) for each WINNING ONE(1) COPY of HOW TO PROFIT FROM THE COMING RAPTURE by Steve and Evie Levy!! ******

    They were each sent an e-mail congratulating them on the win and requesting their information so the publisher can send the book out to them.

    The Winner was chosen using

    Thank you to everyone who participated!!

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