Book Review – OUTCASTS of Skagaray

OUTCASTS of Skagaray,outcasts-of-skagaray
Written By: Andrew Clarke
Published By: MusterionPress, a division of VMI Publishers, Oregon USA, 2006, First Edition, 272 pages, softcover
ISBN 978-1933204222

OUTCASTS of Skagaray is the story of a ruthless people who use brutal strength and tyranny to dominate the weak.”

The ways of the Skagaray are uncompromising and cruel; the rules for their people are absolute.
The strong survive because of there superior in strength and authority.
The weak are despised. Those who are puny and ineffectual are quickly driven out. To pity the weak or offer a helping hand is an unforgivable transgression among these ruthless people. Tarran despises the life he is destined to lead and wants to find a better way of life. When Tarran goes on a hunt with an Elder Warrior but refuses to kill an injured baby bear, Tarran is branded a coward; too pathetic and weak to live among the Skagaray people.
No longer welcomed by his people, Tarran must survive in the wild with very few supplies. He has to scrounges for food stuffs and gathers all that he can find. The longer Tarran spends as an outcast, the more alive he feels. The Elders on the other hand, grow angrier and more fearful as time passes.
As Tarran discovers other outcasts, he cares for them and tries his best to provide food and a refuge for them. He gives of himself to help those who are weaker and considered worthless by the Skagaray people. When a strange messenger arrives on their island, he brings with him bizarre dreams that predict two battles. Are these battles going to be the end of his small band of Outcasts?  Or could it mean a new beginning for all?

OUTCASTS of Skagaray was a very interesting novel. This isn’t a genre that I often read, but I have to admit that I really enjoyed reading this book.
There are a few small editing errors but they didn’t take away from the story.
I found the characters to be very genuine. Tarran and his fellow outcasts were very lovable, determined and loyal. The Elder Warriors and the other formidable people of Skagaray were richly detailed and strangely vivid. The landscape and surroundings were intricately described. It was as if I could hear the wind blowing and smell the smoke from the fires. Very nice!
The story flowed smoothly and it had some neat twists and turns. The plot had good momentum through most of the story.
I highly recommend this book to fantasy readers who are looking for a book which parallels parts of the bible.

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ (7 out of 10 Diamonds) – I really enjoyed it


Link to the Publisher’s Website:

A special thanks to Andrew Clarke for sending me a copy.

Copyright ©  Book Reviews By Bobbie — Bobbie Crawford-McCoy


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