Book Review – Diverse Druids

Diverse Druids: The Origin of All Religionsdiverse-druids
Written By: Robert Baird
Published By: The Invisible College Press, VA, USA, 2003, First Edition, 368 pages, softcover
ISBN 978-1931468176

Product Description – From
“History is a web of journalistic intrigue written to benefit those who have been in charge. They won the wars they generated through their NEEDS, and usurped the knowledge of sincere adepts, like Jesus and Buddha. There is no real new insight in this perspective but in this book you will start the process of seeing for yourself just how incredible the gamesmanship or forgery has been. Lactantius was the tutor for the house of Constantine who edited the Bible and designed much of what Christianity has become. This ancient sage was an early promoter of the Flat Earth and he noted there ‘will always be those who will lie and forge for religion’.
It is my hope that you can assist the enlightenment that must occur once you see some of the forensic and archaeological information now available. Perhaps more importantly I hope you will find roots to all religion which must develop tolerance and ecumenicism if we are to endure as a species on this planet hurtling ever faster through the unlimited creative and awesome universe we are blessed with.
Some academics decry the Post-Modern era where the knowledge is available for all to make their own judgment about. I have no definite opinion about most things and I hope we all can strive to find the answers together. I lookforward to seeing these academics tear apart what I have done as I present information hidden or not employed in any other book. I await the inevitable outcry; but I am sure there are reasons why the great sage Lao Tzu went to see the Ancient Masters of the Tarim Basin where the Red-Heads developed most of the technology and other social systems that we are now finding spread around the world. My speculations that seek to integrate various facts of sciences are not the final answer and I look forward to the reader assisting me in helping bring the ‘Brotherhood’ back to the forefront of life on Earth.”

Diverse Druids: The Origin of All Religions was not what I was expecting. Though this book has lots of information about Druids and many other historic societies, I was very disappointed with this plodding read. I was overwhelmed with quotes, sightings and information from more then 160 different sources. This book had a definite ‘conspiracy theory’ feel to it and in my opinion, was choppy and disjointed. As a reader, I would have benefited greatly from an index and glossary of some kind.
I did enjoy some of the unique tidbits of information scattered throughout.
I would much rather read from select books which the author has sited and have received more factual information on specific subjects, instead of conjecture and the authors interpretative-moulding of the facts.
This book may appeal to those interested in ancient religious sects and secret societies.

♦♦♦ (3 out of 10 Diamonds) – It was…okay 


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Thank you to Mini Book Expo for Bloggers for sending me a copy.

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