Book Review – Archibald’s Swiss Cheese Mountain

Archibald’s Swiss Cheese Mountain archibalds-swiss-cheese-mountain
Written By: Sylvia Lieberman
Illustrated By: Jeremy Wendell
Published By: Seven Locks Press, CA, USA, 2007, First Edition, 48 pages, hardcover
ISBN 978-0979585258

Archibald’s Swiss Cheese Mountain is an interesting little book about Archibald’s first trip out into the ‘world’ without his mother watching over him. He doesn’t remember all the warnings until it’s too late. Then he must figure out how to keep himself safe while getting out of precarious situations.
The moral of the story is to heed your mother’s advice and always use caution when you are out on your own exploring and trying new things.
This story would be a little too difficult for children to read themselves or understand unless they are at least six years old. Less challenging phrasing might be a suggestion, so that the book could be more easily understood by children younger then six.
The illustrations are very large, plentiful and colourful, though they do not meet a very high technical or artistic standard.The text is large and easy to read.
I would recommend this book for children 6-8 years of age.

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Thank you to PR By The Book for sending me a copy.

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