A breath of summer…

I’m all bundled up in the coldness (-30’s) of Alberta right now and I wanted to share a photograph of some lilac blooms.

In most of Canada, blooming lilacs are the definitive herald of the summer’s warmth, so I hoped that by sharing this picture with all of you lovely readers and friends, I could impart some of the coming summer’s warmth, to you!

What reminds you most, of the soothing warmth of summer?


Enjoy! :-)


10 thoughts on “A breath of summer…

  1. I love lilacs. We had a really big back your where I grew up and the fence was lined with lilac bushes all the way around. I remember laying out in the sun and inhaling their sweet scent!

  2. I love lilacs. I love purple. It was warm for a day but now it’s plunged back down into the 30’s. The heat in my car turned up full blast reminds me of summer. That and my hot flashes!

  3. Beautiful flowers, *sigh* I can’t wait for Spring. I don’t know how you stand the cold out west. Down here in the Maritimes it’s only -20 and I feel like a block of ice.

    For me, the smell of fresh cut grass or new bales of hay remind me of warm summer days.

  4. Dear Kara, Teddy, Mel, Joni and Joanne,

    Ohh, how delightful! :-)

    Thank you all for commenting.

    I love reading each of your comments, they help me remember that summer will come and that this darn COLD can’t stay forever, even though it feels like it’s endless.

    From the comments you have all left, I can almost feel the summer sun’s heat…how about a nice glass of lemonade. I’ll make enough for everyone! ;-)

    I bet a nice, hot tea or coffee would go down better right now though. Am I right? :-)

    Thanks so much, to each of you for leaving a comment and I look forward to many more.


  5. How about a Beach Boys CD to go with the lemonade? I know a heat lamp could stand in for the sun!!!!

  6. What a beautiful pic Bobbie. Seeing that I long for summer now. I love liliacs. They are my favorite spring/summer flower. We have a liliac tree in our yard.

    I know what you mean about the cold today with the windchill it was
    -30 in Quebec.

  7. Love the smell of lilacs. Trying to get everything ready for the snowstorm heading our way later today.

  8. Joni – I love the Beach Boys! :-)
    Yes please, I think we could all use a heat lamp! lol
    I know I could anyhow!
    Makes me think of the hot sand on the beach!! I sure wish I could dig my toes into some sand right now! ;-)

    Cindy S – Thanks, I love lilacs too, they fill me with many happy childhood memories of playing the the lilac bushes, pretending we were knights and princess. ;-) What colour are your lilacs Cindy? I think the REALLY dark purple ones are just gorgeous!
    Uggg…this cold sure as a way of sapping one’s strength!

    Stacy – I’m so glad to hear it! Doesn’t it just take you back? The scent is so unique that it is nothing like any other flower! :-)
    I hope you and your family weather the storm well. I’m sending you warm thoughts and I hope the storm passes quickly!!

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