Book Review – SEALed with a Promise (ARC)

sealed-with-a-promiseSEALed with a Promise
Written By: Mary Margret Daughtridge
Published By: Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2009, First Edition, 384 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-1402217630
(Available NOW!)

SEALed with a Promise begins well but fizzles-out about half way through the book.”

Product Description – From
“Can the strength of her love temper his need for revenge?
Navy SEAL Caleb Delaude had a less-than-ideal childhood. His biological father abandoned his family at Caleb’s birth and left them to a life of poverty, refusing to help even as his mother lay dying. So when he is assigned to protect the powerful senator who he suspects is his father, his vicious grudge turns into a strong urge for revenge.
But then he meets biology professor Emmie Caddington, a close friend of the senator’s daughter. He thinks he’ll use her to spring the secret of his illegitimate birth on the senator’s unsuspecting family, but his interest in Emmie begins to get complicated.
He’s a SEAL 24/7, and that doesn’t leave much time for women or love. Her fascination with him finally makes him feel good about himself, but when the truth finally comes out, will their budding relationship be nothing more than a means to revenge… or is she the key to his salvation?”

SEALed with a Promise is fast-paced and the first half of the book is really good; I liked the realistic characterizations of the Navy Seals and I enjoyed the sexual tension between Caleb and Emmie. The plot is unique and the story really captured my attention, at the beginning. Unfortunately, about halfway through the story everything seemed to go downhill. It started getting bogged down with boring, repetitive family functions and some inane dialog. These story elements should have been moving the plot forward, but somehow accomplished quite the opposite. This book is marketed as a contemporary romance so I do not understand why the reader is expected to believe in Caleb’s ‘foretelling’ mental abilities; it just seems a bit far fetched. The love scenes are choppy and did not have any of the flowing elegance that I am used to reading in nearly all genres of romance (including contemporary); the demanding tone, Caleb’s brisk manner and the awkwardness of the love scenes really disrupted the story’s flow and momentum.
I was more then a little disappointed by the second half of this book.

♦♦♦♦ (4 out of 10 Diamonds) – I sort-of liked it

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A special thanks to Sourcebooks for sending me a copy to review.

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4 thoughts on “Book Review – SEALed with a Promise (ARC)

  1. Another eye catching cover :) Too bad it didn’t hold up as a great story. Thanks for the review.

  2. The life of someone in the Navy Seals is something that I can’t imagine (and even though you wrote that the book fizzled out for you mid-way, maybe reading it was worth it just for this “experience”). Throughout my entire life reading has taken me out of my own life and let me visit in another’s life concurrently; even in a work of fiction one is dealing with the distillations of another person’s mind, something that you wouldn’t normally see!

  3. Hi Christina,

    I suppose it was worth the read (because I didn’t have to pay for a copy) to experience part of the Navy Seals world, but there wasn’t a whole lot about them in here. I think that your money (in my opinion) would be better spent on a non-fiction book about who and what the Navy Seals are.

    I agree with you 100% about books having the ability to transport you and allowing you to experience other people’s lives. I don’t know what I’d do without books, honestly!

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