Book Review – Tempted At Midnight (ARC)

Tempted At Midnighttempted-at-midnight
Written By: Jacquie D’Alessandro
Published By: The Berkley Publishing Group, 2009, First Edition, 336 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-0425226995
(Available NOW!)

Tempted At Midnight is a passionately-written, sensual love story full of adventure and fiery, sexual chemistry.”

Product Description – From
“To stir public interest in her vampire romance novel, Lady Emily Stapleford stages nighttime vampire appearances. Overnight, London is abuzz with the sightings. Now she’d be guaranteed success, if it wasn’t for mysterious Logan Jennsen, who’s onto Emily’s duplicity.”

Tempted At Midnight is an adventurous, fast-paced, Regency era romance with a modern twist; vampires. Now before you start thinking that its cheesy, I can assure you that it is only a ruse; it is just Emily’s way to try to save her family from financial ruin. I can’t explain how it all works because I don’t what to ruin the story, but suffice it to say that all does not go as planned. This entertaining love story has various plot twists and a fascinating, in-depth plot. The internal dialog sometimes seems too heavy but I believe that it is to give the reader the necessary back story and helps move the story forward. The love scenes are so wonderfully written, with so much sexual tension and flowing elegance that they actually brought a blush to my face and made my blood pound; all in a good way I assure you!  Logan is THE consummate lover. 
This is a fantastically fun romp and I highly recommend it!

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ (9 out of 10 Diamonds) – Loved it!

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A special thanks to Jacquie D’Alessandro for sending me a copy to review.

Copyright ©  Book Reviews By Bobbie — Bobbie Crawford-McCoy


4 thoughts on “Book Review – Tempted At Midnight (ARC)

  1. Great review Bobbie….Another one to add to my TBR mountain!! Have a Great Day. :)

  2. Hi Joni,

    Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Another book for the TBR pile, eh? lol ;-) We never CAN have too many books, can we? haha
    I will and you have a great day too, ya hear? ;-)

  3. My TBR pile has outgrown the bookcase! I can’t stuff another book on it without it threatening to explode!!! LOL

    Have a Good one!!!! :)


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