When I was little…


I wanted to share some pictures of me as a little gal. I’ll admit, I was a ‘butterball’ baby.  I had a big, round head and a chubby little face. :-)
I was 1, 3, 4 and 8 years of age in these pictures, from top to bottom.

I hope that you’ll feel encouraged to create a post on your blog, with some pictures of you as a little person.  If you do, please make sure that you post the link in the comment section of this post so everyone can admire the adorable pictures of you, when you were a cute little girl or boy.
So come on and dig out those old albums and boxes of pictures; I can’t wait to see all the pictures that you post!!

The more pictures and participants the better.  :-)

This is going to be so much FUN!


10 thoughts on “When I was little…

  1. Hi Kathy,

    Awww, thanks. :-)
    You’re welcome…I wanted to share more of the personal side of me, with my fantastic book blogging friends!!
    I just love pictures…I have several albums and 3 photo boxes full of photographs. :-) If you have time to participate, please let me know when you post it; I would love to see some pictures of you as a little girl. :-)

  2. Hi Bonnie,

    Thank you. I know, I usually don’t put up a lot of personal information or many pictures, but I figured that I look different enough from my young pictures that I should be pretty safe. :-)
    I am still cautious about pictures of my son and I only use his nickname on here; you never can be too careful.

  3. Hi Darlene,

    Thanks. ;-)
    You know what? I think I looked more like a little boy then a little girl LOL No thanks to my hair cuts I’m sure…I had a mullet for a while too, when I was in my pre-teens; they were very IN at the time I guess haha :-)
    You’re very welcome for sharing.

  4. Hi Rebecca,

    Thank you for the link and yes, you girls sure were adorable! :-) You still are! ;-)
    Isn’t it fun to look at our old pictures? It’s nice to look at other people when they were little too.
    Thanks for participating.

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