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**MBE Update:

Has anyone else been having trouble getting their books? 
Are you wondering what in the world is going on? 
If you said yes, then you’re not alone.

Last I heard, the final pile of the 2008 books were to be released in early 2009.  Reviews are still being added to the site, but we’re still waiting for the rest of the 2008 releases as far as I know.  Please don’t get me started on any possible 2009 releases… **sighs** 

Then there was talk of the site being updated.  January 18th 2009, a poll was posted up, asking how could they make things better on Mini Book Expo For Bloggers.  With the exception of one planned update, to release books in a more consistent manner, there has been no forthcoming information about what is going on, when any planned changes will take effect, etc.

I understand that changes take time and it isn’t easy, not by a long shot, to coordinate a site such as MBE, but is it really too much to ask for some basic updates? 
Shouldn’t MBE be updated so that we (reviewers) know what is going on and if there are going to be longer delays and if so, what amount of time are we looking at? 

I am thoroughly frustrated with how the site is being run and I have good reason.  My husband, my son and I all review books for MBE, or at least my son has tried, but his books from October 2008, have never arrived, despite countless email to the site head and to the publishers.  I can certainly deal without the books from MBE, but I don’t like my son’s hopes being raised when he is told that they’d love for him to review some children’s books (and get a child’s perspective) and then have an over 7-month delay, with doubts as to the books EVER arriving.  Despite my assurances and hugs, I still hate seeing my son upset to the point of tears!!

I’m at wits ends here ladies and gentlemen and I am very, and I believe justly, peeved about this whole thing.

Let’s see if we can create some dialog, try to get the ball rolling and have MBE working again, like it should be. 
Is anyone else experiencing delays, issues and/or just plain frustrated with Mini Book Expo for Bloggers? 
Perhaps it’s all working well for you?

8 thoughts on “Mini Book Expo For Bloggers….

  1. The last book I requested from MBE took months to arrive here, so I’ve just given up on the site. I don’t even look at it anymore. :(

  2. Hi Kathy (Bermudaonion),

    The same thing happed here. I’m sorry that you became discouraged, not that I blame you.
    It’s sad that so many of us have given up hope that the site will ever run properly. I still go back once in a while, not so much for me, but for my son…

    It doesn’t matter to my little guy that we buy him other books, he wants to get the ones from MBE and to be a little MBE reviewer…still, I’ve told him that there probably isn’t much hope. :-(
    I’ve asked him to review some of his other children’s books, which we’ve purchased for him, but he is kind of bitter and angry about the whole thing with MBE. Any ideas?

    We are still waiting (hubby, son and I) for books, all of them have been delayed by 6-7 months so far and I really don’t know why I’m still looking for them. I have submitted the Lost Book Form several times and I have contacted the site head…she tries, by the sounds of things but there aren’t many results, unfortunately.

    It’s really disappointing because I think that MBE is a wonderful idea ‘theoretically’ and makes it much easier for reviewers to receive some unique books that they might not otherwise be able to find.

  3. Hi Lenore,

    I agree with you 100%.

    Thanks, that’s very sweet of you.

    Joe (our son) will be 11 years old in a few weeks. It would be a nice surprise for him if he found out that he would be getting his books from MBE. He’s headstrong and it’s hard to tell him that there are good reasons (unknown to us) why MBE isn’t functioning properly.

  4. Hi Bobbie,

    Do even get me started on MBE. I only ever got one book and my review was never posted for it. I requested several books and nothing ever came. Notified them and always was told that of my emails went into a spam folder or that the book was being sent. This is all from fall 2008. So I don’t even bother going back there anymore. Personally its too much trouble for me. If I request a book and don’t get it I send them A email and usually get the book I shouldn’t have to email constantly to get it.

    Bobbie have you ever contacted the childrens book publishers? I am sure they would send stuff for your son to review. No harm in asking.

  5. Hi Cindy,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with MBE. I’m sorry it didn’t go well for you either.

    I think that MBE’s intentions were noble and I really hope that it can start functioning again! It was really exciting, to almost be bidding on books, the quickest gets first pick and all…up to two books at a time. I’m optimistic that we’ll see good things in the future coming from MBE, at least I hope so!

    That’s a good idea, Cindy. I suppose I could try contacting some children’s book publishers. Not knowing how they would respond to having a request for an 11 year old reviewer for them, that’s part of why I haven’t tried up until now. I don’t want to burn bridges or muddy the water. But it looks like I don’t have many other options right now.

  6. THIS JUST IN…from Lex at Mini Book Expo For Bloggers:


    Hi Bobbie,

    Of course you can reprint/post my reply, though I appreciate you asking.

    Based on your email I’m working on a updated post for MBE as well. Just to give you a complete update – we aren’t accepting any new titles from publishers or new book claims until we complete the redesign which will include the site, the process, the back end technology (which iscurrently mostly manual) and the commitment & relationships with the publishers.

    By extension, this may also require a change in the formalized commitment & relationship with the bloggers participating since at this point there is no guarantee to the publishers that the books they send out will get blogged and many books have been sent which haven’t been reviewed.

    Thanks for your offer of help. At this point, we do have a backlog of reviews we are trying to get posted to the site, and if you wanted to help us get them online that would be fantastic. Beyond that, I’m just trying to carve out the time for the redesign work.

    Thanks again!


    Hi Bobbie,

    Mini Book Expo is on hiatus until we do a full redesign of the process and site, for many of the reasons you’ve commented on below. I will follow up with the publisher again and see if there is any information or way to fix this situation.
    As I’ve said before, I have been quite explicit about your situation and asked for them to make sure you get your books. But sadly, as we’ve discussed before, I have no control over the publishers and at this point I think it’s safe to say you won’t be getting the books. This is one of the major reasons the project is on hold/hiatus and I’m trying to figure out a way to ensure that when someone claims a book, they get the book. I thought I was clear on the site that we were on hiatus, until a full redesign took place. And that we’d continue to publish the reviews as they came is, as we could. But obviously I need to be clearer. I will follow up with the publisher again and let you know if I hear anything useful.
    I’m sorry about the situation and everyone disappointment. This is certainly not what I had hoped would come from starting this project.

    thanks for your candour

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