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The Link by Colin Tudge

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May 19, 2009, NEW YORK, NY—Scientists have announced today the discovery of a 47-million-year-old human ancestor. Discovered in the Messel Pit, Germany, the fossil is twenty times older than most fossils that explain human evolution. Known as “Ida,” the fossil is a transitional species, showing characteristics of the very primitive nonhuman evolutionary line
(prosimians, such as lemurs), but even more closely those of the human evolutionary line (anthropoids, such as monkeys, apes, and humans). This places Ida at the very root of anthropoid evolution—when primates were first developing the features that would evolve into our own. The scientists’ findings are published today by PLoS One, the open-access journal of the Public Library of Science.

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  1. This book sounds very interesting. Please add my name for the draw.

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  6. They sure came out with this fast! Not sure I belive all the assumptions, would make for an interesting read.

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    Thanks for the giveaway.


  8. Sounds like a great read and i need a good book to read at the beach.Hope i win.I am a subscriber.

  9. Interesting…I think, as readers, the whole family would like to read this.

  10. I have always been fascinated with the science and theories of evolution. This looks like a must read. Thank you for the chance to win.

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  13. I would enjoy reading this. When my son was young, he had more than the normal interest in dinosaurs and the later eras of human predecessors so we still enjoy reading about this amazing topic. Maybe someday my son will be an archaeologist!

  14. This sounds great! Thanks for the chance:)

  15. This book sounds so interesting! Human evolution is such a fascinating subject, and we know such a small fraction of what there is to know. Thanks for the chance to win!

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  20. I would love to read aboit this primate fossil that is over forty-seven
    million years old.Sounds spooky and interesting.Thanks for the

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