Book Giveaway – I Hate People! (IS CLOSED!)

I Hate People

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I Hate People! by Jonathan Littman and Marc Hershon

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♦The contest ends at midnight on July 13th, 2009.
♦Five(5) winners will be picked in a random draw and will be notified by 5pm (MDT) by e-mail on July 14th, 2009.

Good Luck Everyone and Have Fun!


110 thoughts on “Book Giveaway – I Hate People! (IS CLOSED!)

  1. This looks great! Please enter me!
    I’m a subscriber (through Google Reader).
    I tweeted about this!


  2. I DO hate people- or at least the jerks! This book sounds like one I’d love to read!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. The title of that book sounds like something my husband would say. He really doesn’t HATE PEOPLE, but he always SAYS so. Once he is WITH others, he smiles and chats amiably. I’d really like to read this book to see what THEY say about it.

  4. This books looks like a great read (and something I desperately need in dealing with specific people at work). Please enter me. Thank you!

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  6. Please include me in your giveaway.

  7. This book sounds like an interesting read. I don’t think I would take it to work though, at least without removing the cover.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  8. Saw the author on CNN the other day. Describes well many of the people I have run into in the business world. The CNN teaser convinced me I should have a copy.

  9. What a great book idea. I was thinking of it for my husband, but really, I’d read this too.
    Carrie Anne

  10. I would love to read this book! I could use help with some neighbors.

  11. I’d hate to miss out on winning a copy of this book.
    hawkes (at)

  12. I personally don’t hate people but this book sounds as if it would give good info on how to deal with some of the more bothersome people, while at the same time being hilarious!

  13. I have had a “LOT” to deal with in the past year! Too much to get into here…but trust me…I have a great dislike of people…not all…just some….and it would be nice to know that others have gone through something similar!

  14. This is a great title for a book and I’d really enjoy reading it!

  15. My most recent employment contained a group of very dynamic and ‘diva’ driven personalities (usually in conflict) – wow, this book sounds right on the money and I imagine very helpful. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win :)

  16. Sounds like a helpful book especially since there is a lot of “politics” that goes on in offices today.

  17. It’s always nice to know that other people sometimes hate people too. Even better to know there are effective and humorous ways to deal with it.

  18. If this book delivers the information that the title suggests, then this is a book everyone should own. Please enter me in your contest.

  19. I want this book :) Thanks for sponsoring.

    reallycool3108 at yahoo dot com

  20. I have a few people who are difficult to work with at my job, so maybe this would come in handy. Looks like a funny book. Thanks!

  21. Did I write this book? I swear I make that same comment every day!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  22. I would really love to win this book. Right now I am at the point I hate family….

  23. I could use this book right about now. I want a I hate loud neighbors that live upstairs book to

  24. Looks like a great book, and as an avid reader can never have enough of them! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  25. I would love to read this i work wiith the public and sometimes i really do hate pepople

  26. This book looks great! I’d love to read it. Thank you so much for the great contest.

  27. I would love to win this book,because I admit I get upset with
    the crazy,arrogant things people say and I will say I Hate People.
    Being the sensitive caring person I am I just can’t understand
    why they would be heartless.Thanks for the giveaway


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