MakeUp Tentacle…Ultimate FAIL!

MakeUp Tentacle… Are you kidding me???

Makeup Tenticle
From: Sympatico, MSN – Autos

By David Menzies

Makeup and motorized vehicles seldom go together. Taking your eyes off the road and hands off the steering wheel in order to apply lipstick or eyeliner not only requires considerable ambidextrous skills, but it can be downright dangerous. Yet, what’s a gal to do when time is of the essence and she’s got to get to Point B looking good?

Sharona Kesnig of Richmond Hill, Ont. thinks she might have the answer.

When the registered aesthetician heard that a client had a close call while fumbling with makeup behind the wheel, Kesnig began thinking about a device that would allow driving women to apply makeup in a safe, hands-free fashion.

Her solution: the Makeup Tentacle, a prototype invention that holds makeup in place while allowing the driver to concentrate on the commute at hand.

Kesnig says she was actually inspired by the 2004 flick, Spider-Man 2 – or more accurately, the character of Dr. Octopus. The not-so-good doctor had four mechanized metal tentacles that could expand and contract at will and were adroit at holding myriad items.

The thirtysomething Kesnig sourced material that emulated the appendages. But instead of using it to clobber her friendly neighbourhood wall-crawler, Kesnig’s metallic tentacle is utilized to grasp lipstick, eyeliner and any other makeup applicator a woman requires.

One end of the device is attached to the dashboard of her Dodge Caravan while the other end holds in place the required makeup applicator. The end result: the Makeup Tentacle allows Kesnig to keep her blue-grey eyes on the road and her well-manicured hands firmly on the steering wheel.

“It’s all about enjoying the best of both worlds,” she says. “The Makeup Tentacle allows a woman to concentrate on her driving but she can also arrive at work looking like a million bucks. It’s the perfect device for our time-famished world.”

Kesnig says the device is still in the prototype stage and she has no idea when (or if) it will ever be brought to market. (She welcomes input from others and can be reached at

“It [Makeup Tentacle] could be the next big thing or it might end up being one of those ‘What were they thinking?’ kind of inventions,” she says with a laugh.

In the meantime, Kesnig says she’s happy to own a prototype device that allows her to put on makeup behind the wheel in a completely safe – and non-distracted – fashion.

Some Comments from readers on the site:

Posted by: That guy | 2009-06-18 7:01:46 AM
K no, just no…. this might even be worse… sure your looking at the road (which you could do before) but your more concentrated on moving your head to get the make up on… which in the end is just as bad… this isn’t an improvement, it’s just a displacement of the problem… horrible, a horrible idea I tell you

Posted by: Steve | 2009-06-18 1:44:30 PM
The only way to apply makup in a car is if SOMEONE ELSE IS DRIVING!!!
If you REALLY need to apply makup while you are driving… then you need to wake up sooner then you do.
if you are applying makup while driving, you are applying makup and not paying attention to the road.
People don’t seem to understand that they are in control of a 2000 lb machine made of metal and glass that has the ability to destroy personal property and take lives if you are not paying attention to DRIVING the car/truck.
If you are behind the wheel and applying makup, jabbering on the phone, eating your attention is NOT on the road. it doesn’t even matter if you are using a bluetooth while you are yakking on the phone. if your talking on the phone (even with the bluetooth) you are STILL paying more attention to your conversation then the road.
If you are driving, THEN DRIVE!

Posted by: S Kennedy | 2009-06-18 2:29:19 PM
I hope that the “Tentacle” in the picture is attached to the steering wheel and not to the dashboard! If it IS attached to the dashboard, Susie Snowflake is going to have a lot of trouble making turns that require the steering wheel to be rotated more than 90 degrees! Whoops!

Posted by: Anonymous | 2009-06-19 7:31:54 AM
Are you serious? Do you really think this is the way to make fast cash by inventing something so life threatening to yourself and other drivers on the road. When your on the road DRIVING you must be fully concentrated at the task at hand! Driving is NO JOKE! you drive to get from point A to point B ONLY!! not to apply make up, shave your face, brush your teeth, change your clothing, paint your nails, fix your hair, watch movies, play with your playstation.. etc… all these things should be done in the privacy of your home like a classy, civilized human being!
Smarten up people!!!

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6 thoughts on “MakeUp Tentacle…Ultimate FAIL!

  1. This is insane! Thanks for waking me up this dreary Saturday morning with a laugh!

  2. Hi Stacy,

    I know eh? lol I can’t even believe she wanted other people to know about it!!
    You’re so welcome for the laughing wakeup…glad I could help! ;)
    It’s so ridiculous that we have to laugh, or we’d cry!

  3. Hi Kathy,

    I agree with you 100%. I never did understand how some people can justify doing so many things while they should be driving…it’s called “GET UP EARLIER”! lol :)

  4. Hi MadMaz,

    You do eh? Let me know how it works for you, okay? ;) roflol
    I sure hope that they aren’t available to the public; the makeup tentacle is just a disaster waiting to happen as far as I can see.

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