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Something Beyond Greatness imageI am happy to be involved in the TLC Virtual Book Tour promoting Judy Rodgers & Gayatri Naraine’s book:
Something Beyond Greatness.

I would like to take a moment to welcome Judy and Gayatri as well as all the visitors who are dropping by today. Thank you!



Without further ado, I’ll hand the post over to our Guest Authors…

“Greatness is an intrinsic quality in every soul.  We know it when we see.  When we witness heroic acts, it evokes an overwhelming feeling of admiration, appreciation, and  adoration.  When we are in the presence of greatness, we are transported to a domain in which there is a natural shift in our way of being, and something gets transformed.  Such moments that invite us into the experience of greatness occur in the daily living of our lives.  Time is our friend.  The drama of life provides the opportunity.  All we need to do is to see with love and to act from the heart.

We are very close friends with a 93 year old yogi and a 80 year old scientist.  Three years ago when the yogi turned 90 we were inspired to do a book on her life.  She refused.  And we persisted.  She finally agreed.  The premise —  Service, Altruism, Courage.   We spent 3 years traveling the world interviewing people to explore and understand these concepts in relation to greatness.  Even though people recognize greatness in the heroic acts of others, they could not quite grasp the concept enough to give it words.  It was as if to understand greatness, we had to somehow go beyond greatness.  So we went beyond greatness.  We access the minds of two great friends whom we called the man of science and the woman of God and engaged them in conversation.  We went on a joyous journey with two friends whom we love very dearly and who gave us access to the depth of their hearts and the heights of their souls.  We were not writing, we were capturing experiences and threading them together into a piece that reflected wisdom and simplicity.

The world knows a lot about listening.  Now it is time for us to explore the transformative power of seeing with love.  How does this phenomena work?  What are its ripple effects?  And how does it create communities of greatness?

The time is auspicious as it is the time of fundamental changes, transformation.  Seeing with love is bigger than thinking.  Ask the self what does our world need from us and what quality of being is required to do it?  Read this book and find the answer in the domain of something beyond greatness.  A domain available to all!”

About the Authors:

Judy Rodgers has worked at the intersection of media, business, and education for over 30 years.  In the early days of the prerecorded videocassette industry, she worked for CBS and then for CBS-Fox Video in their first forays into this new industry – first in sports and subsequently in educational videos.  During those years she worked with best selling authors such as John Naisbitt (Megatrends), Tom Peters (In Search of Excellence), and public figures such as CBS news anchor, Walter Cronkite.  In 1985 she and other investors bought a small division from CBS-Fox in a leveraged buy-out.  They renamed the company Video Publishing House and continued producing and distributing educational films for a number of years.

She likes start-ups.  In 1997 she started her own company, The Communication Architecture Group, through which she does organizational consulting, writing, and communication projects.  She was founding director with Dr. David Cooperrider of the Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit in the business school at Case Western Reserve University.  She is also the founding director of Images and Voices of Hope.  Founded in 1999, Images and Voices of Hope is nonprofit organization created to strengthen the role of media as a constructive force in society.  

She is a mother of two grown children and grandmother of two.  She lives at the Brahma Kumaris retreat center in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Gayatri Naraine is a spiritual educator, writer and speaker. Since 1980 she has been the Brahma Kumaris’ (BK) representative to the United Nations in New York. As the BK’s representative to the UN, her role has been to identify areas of UN policies with practical relevance for individuals’ lives; to explore and develop values-based and spiritual dimensions of these areas; and to create programs and publications to expand awareness through the BKs network in 120 countries. Gayatri was pivotal in the development of the Living Values Education program and worked closely with UNICEF and UNESCO in its implementation. She has also contributed to ILO’s (International Labor Organization) Agenda on Decent Work in their consultation with nongovernmental organizations.

Gayatri has been a part of Images and Voices of Hope since its inception, working as one of the main organizers of the first IVoH Conversation in New York City in 1999 and helping to facilitate conversations in Africa, Malaysia, and various locations in the United States. She currently serves on the board of directors of Images and Voices of Hope. She is also part of the design team for the Call-of-the-Time Dialogues, a global leadership dialogue and has spent the last ten years exploring the transformational depth of silent reflection and the impact this has on the actions we take for world benefit.

Something Beyond Greatness




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5 thoughts on “Guest Authors – TLC Book Tours

  1. I don’t think many individual people ask “What does the world need from us?” but I do think church communities and service organizations do that- they think more globally and selflessly than any one person might. I do try to ask “What does my family need from me?” but rarely think beyond my own small community.

    Thanks for a thought provoking guest post!

  2. i think its better to start with the family, then friends, then everyone else. i believe that you have to start small and then you can ask the question, “what does the world need from us?”

  3. This looks like one that both my husband and I would enjoy. Please sign me up. Thanks!
    stacybooks at yahoo

  4. Hi Stacy,

    For your chance to win a copy of Something Beyond Greatness, please email: with “Book Reviews by Bobbie contest ” on the subject line and include your comment. Your email address will be collected for a monthly SBG newsletter (completely opt-in basis only).

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