The love of OLD books…

Old Books


I have always been fascinated by old books; sometimes it’s the yellowed pages, the slightly musty smell and the embossed cover that catches my attention and other times its the sheer love of old books and the wonderful connection they have with the past that compels me to buy them. I usually don’t read them from cover to cover, though I will read a sentence here and there; I don’t want to risk any possible ripping of the brittle seams or cracking of the old bindings.

There are a few books in my rather small collection that I have a real soft spot for. The following 3 images are collages made up of pictures pertaining to 3 specific favourites of mine. I hope you enjoy them and feel free to ask for more information if you’re curious about any of them.


A World History

 The Straight Gate

  Robinhood and His Merry Men

If you are a collector of old books too, I would LOVE to see some pictures of your old, treasured books and find out more about them!!

As always (((hugs)))    :)


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9 thoughts on “The love of OLD books…

  1. Someday I hope to collect old books. Right now I just don’t have the space. A friend and I visited a used book store we saw in passing on our camping trip. Unfortunately we couldn’t do more than quickly browse, with ice in the car and all, but the owner had a section of really old books and we were fascinated.


  2. I’ve picked up a few old books here and there over the years and feel a soft spot for them, just like you. Like, Kathy, I think the Robin Hood book is gorgeous.

  3. Hi Bobbie,

    The oldest book that I have on my shelf is The Brothers Karamazov.
    Can you believe I have something on my shelf other than romance!! LOL

  4. Hello Ladies,

    Anna – I know what you mean, I have limited space for old books too; I’m glad that you still look around for them even if you don’t have room right now. :)

    Kathy – I know, eh? It is my absolute favourite; the colour illustrations are very intricate!! :) Yes, I found Five Little Peppers at a book sale about 7 years ago. Have you read it before? :)

    Stacy – Oh, that’s wonderful! I’d love to see some picture if you can find time to post about some of them. :) Do you read your old books or just collect them because they are so wonderfully-old? ;) Thanks, I’m glad that you like the Robinhood book as well!

    Joni – Hmmm…I’ve never heard of The Brothers Karamazov…I’m guessing its Russian maybe? ;) Actually, I am quite surprised that you have something other then romance on your shelves ROFLOL …you romance junkie YOU! :)

  5. Hi Bobbie,

    The Brothers Karamazov is Russian I believe. I haven’t broken down and actually read it yet. But I might if I come up short on my UBS run.

    Romance Junkie…. Thats me to the core. ROFLOL.. ;)

    How did you come by your awesome copy of Robin Hood?

  6. Hi Joni,

    Oh neato! The name of the book has piqued my curiosity lol As if you’d ever run out of books! ;)

    Your new nickname, eh? haha
    Joni A.K.A. Romance Junkie…Taaa Daaaa! :)

    Actually, I’ve been picking my brain to try and remember where I purchased it; I have a feeling that I picked it up at a rummage sale about 13 years ago. It’s been with me a long time and I just love it!! The text looks like it was stamped onto the page as apposed to more traditional method of printing presses but I can’t find a date on it…someone must have torn the page out long before the Robinhood book came into my possession. :(

    My copy is in much better shape then this one: it has a “Small dent to top edge of front board, previous owner’s inscription penned on inside front cover, DJ missing lower half of spine panel with both front and rear panels detached” Yikes!!!
    It says it was published in 1920…so mine probably was too!! Isn’t that cool?? :)

  7. Hi Bobbie,

    Are you going to start calling me RJ for short? LOL

    Cool history you have for the book. 1920’s WOW!!!

    Mine doesn’t have a date either. the version that I added to my goodreads shelf is a kindel version. That is not mine of course but it matched the books translator

    I did read a bit of the first chapter. Interesting. .

  8. Hi Joni,

    I just might! LOL ;) RJ has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

    Thanks, I’m pretty happy that I have a book that could be that old!

    I wonder why yours doesn’t have a date either…strange eh? Maybe you could find out more at an old books website.

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