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Friday's Find  Book Reviews By Bobbie

We’ll chat about a fascinating book, audiobook, movie, blog, website, etc. It might be trendy or unpopular, old or new…and it’s sure to be interesting and it’s hosted by yours truly! Please offer your opinions and thoughts on our Friday’s Find!

This Friday’s Find is a:


It’s called “Pink Cake Box: Specializing in sweet…

Okay, so I’ll admit that I was looking for goodies on the Internet; a massive craving for baked treats came over me so instead of eating the fattening stuff (that’s what I really wanted to do!!) I decided to look for “pictures” of some sumptuous treats that I could drool over instead. lol

So one of  the many websites that I came across during my hour-long (or so) surf was Pink Cake Box and the more I looked around their website, the worse my cravings got! I can’t even express the yummyness and the sheer creative genius of each beautifully-crafted work of art. You really MUST see them for yourself!

They sell Wedding cakes (cakes for ALL occasions really), cupcakes, cookies and they all look SOOOOOO delicious; it’s practically a crime. lol

I’ll add a few pictures from their website so that you have an idea of what’s in store for you:


I know, they all look too beautiful to eat… Can you imagine bringing one of these confections to a wedding, anniversary, birthday party, etc? Everyone would love you! :) So take a few moments and pop over to Pink Cake Box and if you are lucky enough to live nearby and you happen buy something from them, then please, for goodness sake, let us know how it tastes!! :)


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