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Friday's Find  Book Reviews By Bobbie

We’ll chat about a fascinating book, audiobook, movie, blog, website, etc. It might be trendy or unpopular, old or new…and it’s sure to be interesting and it’s hosted by yours truly! Please offer your thoughts on our Friday’s Find and share your own!

 This Friday’s Find is a:


It’s called: “Incredible Things, The Wonderful World of Weird Products

As a book lover and book collector, I am always looking for new ways to store and display my books and I found a really cool website that did a feature on “20 Brilliant Bookcases“. This website features really unique products and as far as I can tell, it doesn’t actually sell the items but is more of a display website for a variety of different business with fantastic but “weird” products; everything from toys and games, to technology, vehicles, travel and more! :) Amazingly, these items (at least in my opinion) are not crazy or bizarre, but are very thought-provoking, inventive and well worth taking a look at.

The feature on “20 Brilliant Bookcases” certainly grabbed my attention so I’m going to post some pictures of my favorite book cases. Feel free to click through to the website to find out more about each of them.

So what is your Friday’s Find? Go ahead and share it with us. :)


4 thoughts on “Friday’s Find – Meme

  1. Hi Joni,

    I hear you! ;) They are pretty darn neato eh? The round ones look like they might be a bit hazardous to have in a house full of kids, but its still cool to think about having one!

    Someday I want to have a WHOLE room that is wall-to-wall/floor-to-ceiling book shelves *sighs* :)

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