Writing in books…is it wrong?

writing in a book

Writing in Books

Yes, I’ll admit that I’ve committed this grievous transgression, over and over again.  I always write the date I’ve received a review copy & the senders name on the first or second page of the book…it helps me keep track of things.  Sometimes I put pencil brackets or quotation marks on some inside pages and quite often, I will write point-form notes on the last page of the book as I am reading it.  I know…for some this would be ABSOLUTELY, unthinkably criminal.  That’s why I am asking everyone for their opinion and I’m including a poll in this post.

I don’t write in the books that I purchase with my own money…does that  redeem me? :)

So what’s your view on it? 
Do you write in books or do you think that it’s a terrible thing to do?

Please check ALL that apply!

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5 thoughts on “Writing in books…is it wrong?

  1. Today’s books are not the rare and expensive items they used to be. I think it’s O.K. to write in your own books, but not anyone else’s. I write in my books because it helps me and enchances the experience of reading. And even though I would not write in an old book, I sometimes enjoy finding a book in a used bookstore that someone else has marked up (in an intelligent and literary way!).

  2. Kathy – That was a smart thing to teach you…I often wonder it my Librarian should have done something similar? ;) Thanks for sharing.

    Gwendolyn – Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic. It’s interesting that you should mention used books with intelligent writing; I like to find old books that have been written in too…it’s like we’re connecting with history…someone, somewhere in the past, wrote the notes that I’m reading so I get a little bit of a thrill out of it. :)

  3. I positively adore writing in books! (As long as the belong to me, of course!) I feel it makes my reading more active and is a way to dialogue with the greats. Often I underline or star(*) brilliant passages or thought-provoking ideas, sometimes I write questions or responses to what I am reading. In this way I feel as if I become one with the book, as if it is a little a part of me and I am a little a part of it.
    Because of this tendency, I like the books I buy to be unmarked, but I do love to find bookmarks, old receipts, postcards and such in the used books I find, and then I like to imagine who had been reading it and create a little story around them. For this reason I also love books with personal inscriptions.

  4. I’m still in school and am doing literature next year as a VCE subject and so I will have to write notes in books. I did it this year for English. My copy of Romeo&Juliet has all these little notes in the margins to remind me of the use of things like alliteration and prophetic language. And my copy of Animal Farm had at least twenty highlighted paragraphs in iridescent yellow so that I could quote them in essays. But even outside of school, I find nothing wrong with writing in a book. I always write my name on the inside cover and my phone number, and sometimes I’ll underline passages that I really like.
    And here is another point of proof. Amazon must think its okay to write in books because as they say about their new e-reader, the Kindle, “By using the QWERTY keyboard, you can add annotations to text, just like you might write in the margins of a book”.
    I rest my case. :P

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