Book Giveaway UPDATES!! **Please READ!!**

 Your Attention Please

Hello Everyone,

As you may or may not have read, from now on, anyone who wishes to enter Book Giveaways on Book Reviews By Bobbie MUST be a follower (by email or in a reader).

From now on, when Book Giveaways close/expire, I will not be sending emails to the winners. This is a BIG change and some may wonder why I am doing it, right? Well, mostly it is a time-saving measure as writing each email is time intensive and I only post a few book giveaways at one time because of this. By shortening the whole process I will be able to post more book giveaways more often which is great for all of my followers! :) I will be announcing the winners on the “Book Giveaway WINNERS!!” post which has a nice, big image to catch your attention whether you are viewing my blog posts in a reader or you are an email subscriber. I still allow 7 days from the Book Giveaway’s expiry date for the winner(s) to contact me with their information (Full Name and Mailing address – no P.O. Boxes); anyone who doesn’t respond within that 7-day time-frame, permanently forfeits their prize(s), as has always been the case on my blog.

When you enter a Book Giveaway, please make sure to post your actual, proper, full name and email address. This will make it easier for me to complete the Book Giveaways and will allow you and all others who enter to check back on the Book Giveaway post and confirm the winner’s identity. This measure is necessary to reduce a lot of potential confusion and also eliminates the possibility of someone else claiming your prize, instead of you.

Every time a winner is announced, they must send me their full name and mailing address (NO P.O. Box allowed). I do NOT keep names and addresses on file so you must re-send your information even if you have won something before on Book Reviews By Bobbie.

I am sorry that this explanation is so long-winded, but I wanted to try to make it very clear to everyone. Feel free to ask me questions as I’m sure you have a few. :)

I will be flexible with these new guidelines for a few weeks so that everyone has time to get used to them and has a chance to read the Updates.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I truly appreciate all of you wonderful followers, commenters and friendly lurkers who drop by to enjoy the reviews, author interviews, meme posts and more.
You guys & gals ROCK!!! :D

For more details and information about the Book Giveaway guidelines please click here and scroll down to the appropriate section.


2 thoughts on “Book Giveaway UPDATES!! **Please READ!!**

  1. Okay. So, I need to send you my info? At the email address in the Publishers test in the sidebar?

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