Book Review – East of the Sun: A Novel

East of the Sun: A Novel
Written by: Julia east-of-the-sunGregson
Published by: Simon & Schuster,
A Touchstone Book
Date: June 2009 – Reprint
(Originally published in 2008)
Pages: 604
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-1439101124

Top Pick

East of the Sun is a breathtaking, literary masterpiece!”

Product Description – From
“As the Kaisar-i-Hind weighs anchor for Bombay in the autumn of 1928, its passengers ponder their fate in a distant land. They are part of the “Fishing Fleet” — the name given to the legions of Englishwomen who sail to India each year in search of husbands, heedless of the life that awaits them. The inexperienced chaperone Viva Holloway has been entrusted to watch over three unsettling charges. There’s Rose, as beautiful as she is naïve, who plans to marry a cavalry officer she has met a mere handful of times. Her bridesmaid, Victoria, is hell-bent on losing her virginity en route before finding a husband of her own. And shadowing them all is the malevolent presence of a disturbed schoolboy named Guy Glover.
From the parties of the wealthy Bombay socialites to the poverty of Tamarind Street, from the sooty streets of London to the genteel conversation of the Bombay Yacht Club, East of the Sun is graced with lavish detail and a penetrating sensitivity — historical fiction at its greatest.”

East of the Sun begins in London, England in September of 1928. Viva Holloway poses as an experienced chaperone and she takes on three charges for the voyage; two young women, Rose & Victoria, and a rather odd young man named Guy. They all make their way to Bombay, India on the luxurious ship, Kaisar-i-Hind. Viva is on her way back to Bombay to deal with unfinished business related to the death of her family and she chaperones the three young people as a way to pay for her passage to India. This story is beautifully described with picturesque images of India that capture the essence and the different customs found on the far away continent; the tastes, sights, aromas and sounds are so vivid, so tangible, that the reader experiences everything along with the characters and with the same impact. Many colourful, carefully-crafted characters dot the storyline, each of them unique and utterly captivating. I felt as if I had been transported to India where I became immersed in its unfamiliar culture and its earthy vitality.

Viva ran down the beach with them. There’d been days since she’d been back in Bombay when she’d positively hated it-too hot, too crowded, too smelly, too hard-but today, how could you not love it? This beautiful beach; the sun pouring out of the sky; the madcap bravery of these children forgetting so easily that they were orphaned and poor in one of the harshest cities on earth.

The narrative is vastly entertaining; at times it is humorous and witty, yet it has poignant moments that leaves the reader humbled with emotion and a deep sense of loss and sorrow. This story flows effortlessly, pulls at your emotions, and asks questions about your own humanity as it sweeps you up in its magnificence of scope and imagination.
This book is a long read, but it is worth every moment of your time!
I very highly recommend it to all historical fiction lovers and anyone with an interest in Bombay India or the “Fishing Fleet”.

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ (10 out of 10 Diamonds) – Absolutely LOVED it!!

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A special thanks to Simon & Schuster for sending me a copy to review.

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9 thoughts on “Book Review – East of the Sun: A Novel

  1. I love when I can lose myself in a big, fat book! Thanks for the high praise and recommendation.

  2. Oh my gosh – the cover and the title of this book caught my eye when I first saw them. I think this is the first review I’ve read and now, I want the book some kind of bad. It sounds wonderful!

  3. I just recently finished reading this book. I loved it! The writing is spectacular & the story keeps you enthralled. After finishing this book, I felt I had learned a lot about India & the “Fishing Fleet”.

  4. Stacy – It is a lovely experience, isn’t it? :) You’re most welcome for my recommendation and my exuberant review. I cannot recommend this book highly enough…it will carry you away…

    Kathy – I agree…it is a gorgeous cover and it tells the reader a lot about the story inside. I think that you will really love this book, Kathy. It’s so wonderfully-absorbing and feels very authentic! I hope that you enjoy it ever so much! :)

    Cheryl S. – It’s so nice to hear from another reader and fan of East of the Sun. Thank you so much for sharing your glowing recommendation. :) I have to admit that this extraordinary story really whet my appetite and now I want to learn more about India…I know that this fictional story took place years & years ago…but I wonder how much of that same culture has been retained since that time?

  5. Glad to know this one is good – it’s been on my TBR list for a while now, but hearing good reviews makes me move it up closer to the top. :)

    (Here from the Historical Fiction Carnival)

  6. Hello Heather,

    It’s a good book to move a little closer to the top of mount TBR, for sure. ;) Teddy’s done a great job with the Carnival!
    Thanks so much for coming by and for leaving a comment. :)

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