New TBR Review Copy – Arrivals

Each review copy is like a precious gift; a treasure just waiting for me to discover, read and review it. :)

Every book that I review on Book Reviews By Bobbie has been sent to me specifically for review.

Did you find anything here that you are going to add to your TBR list? :)

8 thoughts on “New TBR Review Copy – Arrivals

  1. Hi Joni,

    LOL Of COURSE you found something you wanted to add to your TBR pile ;) haha
    You’re welcome…I’m happy to know that you enjoy seeing the new books that people have sent to me for review!

  2. Wow – that looks like a fun batch – Haunted jumped right out at me and so it’s going on my Wish List before I forget!
    Enjoy your books, Bobbie :)

  3. Hi Harvee,

    Most of these ones are finished copies, though A Christmas Ball is a ring-bound galley. :) I’ve received several other ARC’s recently but the majority of them are finished copies; I prefer it that way.
    It sure is nice to have books. They make life just that much better, don’t they? :)

  4. Hi Mary,

    Haunted’s cover just jump right out at you, doesn’t it? :) I hope I enjoy it. Thanks for adding it to your wish list…let m know if you enjoy it or not, please.
    Thanks, I will enjoy them ever so much!

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