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Friday's Find   Book Reviews By Bobbie

We’ll chat about a fascinating book, audiobook, movie, blog, website, etc. It might be trendy or unpopular, old or new…it’s sure to be interesting and it’s hosted by yours truly! Please offer your thoughts on our Friday’s Find and share your own.

 This Friday’s Find is:

SPOT: Handheld Satellite Communication & Safety Device

I know what you must be thinking: why in the world is Bobbie talking about this thing as her Friday’s Find when it has NOTHING to do with books? Well, that’s a great question and you would be 100% correct! It has nothing to do with reading or books BUT it certainly looks like a fantastic product and it seems to be a relatively affordable product for campers, hikers, fishermen & fisher women, hunters, etc. My DH pointed it out to me yesterday and I just know that he wants one now! :)


DH & DS love to go fishing and they want to go camping too, but I’m such a worry-wart that I can’t stand the idea of them getting lost or injured deep in some forest where I have no idea how to get to them. This unit is pretty darn neat because it is the world’s first satellite messenger. Leveraging both GPS satellite and SPOT’s own network, the device is able to report its location to friends and family even in areas without cellular or wireless coverage. DH says I can track him on Google Maps or something of that nature. :)

SPOT screen shot

Tech Junkie talks a little more about it in this YouTube video, below:

I think there is a monthly or yearly fee, depending on which option you choose. I’m pretty sure we’ll own one of these before long.

What do you think about the SPOT: Handheld Satellite Communication & Safety Device?

What did you find this Friday? :)


4 thoughts on “Friday’s Find – Meme

  1. Awesome find looks very interesting. Gonna have to get me one of these.
    Thanks Bobbie

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