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 This Friday’s Find is a:


blue notebook

The Blue Notebook: A Novel by James A. Levine

This book examines a really disturbing topic but does so in an interesting way. I really want to read a copy of this book and hope that DH might take the hint and buy it for me. :) One of many fascinating things about this book is the author; he is a Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic! 

“Every now and then, we come across a novel that moves us like no other, that seems like a miracle of the imagination, and that haunts us long after the book is closed. James Levine’s The Blue Notebook is that kind of book. It is the story of Batuk, an Indian girl who is taken to Mumbai from the countryside and sold into prostitution by her father; the blue notebook is her diary, in which she recalls her early childhood, records her life on the Common Street, and makes up beautiful and fantastic tales about a silver-eyed leopard and a poor boy who fells a giant with a single gold coin.
How did Levine, a British-born doctor at the Mayo Clinic, manage to conjure the voice of a fifteen-year-old female Indian prostitute? It all began, he told me, when, as part of his medical research, he was interviewing homeless children on a street in Mumbai known as the Street of Cages, where child prostitutes work. A young woman writing in a notebook outside her cage caught Levine’s attention. The powerful image of a young prostitute engaged in the act of writing haunted him, and he himself began to write.
The Blue Notebook brings us into the life of a young woman for whom stories are not just entertainment but a means of survival. Even as the novel humanizes and addresses the devastating global issue of child prostitution, it also delivers an inspiring message about the uplifting power of words and reading–a message that is so important to hold on to, especially in difficult times. Dr. Levine is donating all his U.S. proceeds from this book to help exploited children. Batuk’s story can make a difference.”

-Celina Spiegel

About the Author:

james levine

James A. Levine is a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, is a world-renowned scientist, doctor, and researcher. He lives in Oronoco, Minnesota.

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4 thoughts on “Friday’s Find – Meme

  1. Kathy,

    I know what you mean…a story like this might be terribly hard to read but it sounds as if it will be worth it. With the proceeds from the U.S. sales being donated to exploited children around the world, it would be hard for anyone to pass it up.
    Thank you for commenting!!!

  2. I have this book, sent to me by another blogger, but I haven’t had time to read it with all of my challenges needing to be completed. I tend to like complex stories though. Even though the subject matter is difficult, I will like the book as long as I learn something from it or feel changed in some way.

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