Authors and Publicists: we need YOUR help with our ‘Blogoversary’ – Enormous Book Giveaway‏

A big hello to you all,

We have some wonderful news that we would like to share.

On October 3rd, 2009 Book Reviews By Bobbie will be celebrating its first Blogoversary!!  During the 12 months since it’s conception, we have received more than 59,000 hits from visitors in more than 200 countries worldwide and we’ve receive more than 7,600 comments from our blog readers.

To commemorate this milestone, we will be hosting an Enormous Book Giveaway that will run from October 3rd – October 31st, 2009.  This book giveaway will be open to Canadian & US residents and the winner’s mailing address will not be a P.O. Box.

We invite you to include 1 copy, of one or more books (print format only please) in the Enormous Book Giveaway.
Each book included in this giveaway will be credited/have a link back to the company or author who submitted their book(s) to be a part of this celebratory event.

This is a great way to get exposure for new or re-released books and to promote the company or author associated with our giveaway.
We would really appreciate your help in making Book Reviews By Bobbie’s Blogoversary a memorable event; we can’t do it without you, so please email us with the titles and authors of the books that you would like to have included in our Enormous Book Giveaway.

Once the giveaway ends, we will email each of you individually with the winner’s name and mailing address.  We would then ask that you send the book or books, out to the winners within 2-4 weeks time.  Please do not send the book giveaway copies to me.

Our heartfelt thanks to each of you for your generosity and willingness to help us celebrate our first, fantastic year of book reviews, book giveaways, author interviews and more!

We hope to hear from you very soon so please email us at if you can participate and thank you once again.

All My Best,

Bobbie Crawford-McCoy

Book Reviews By Bobbie
Entertaining Reads & Reviews


3 thoughts on “Authors and Publicists: we need YOUR help with our ‘Blogoversary’ – Enormous Book Giveaway‏

  1. Hi Vicki,

    Thanks a bunch. :)

    We’ve had an extraordinary outpouring of offers so far and hope to see many more before our Blogoversary/Enormous Book Giveaway goes live on October 3rd, 2009!!

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