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This Friday’s Find is:

The Limited, Collector’s Edition of The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

The White Queen Collector's Edition

Yesterday, I stumbled upon the advertisement for this gorgeous, collector’s edition of The White Queen by Philippa Gregory. There are only 750 copies available and it is carefully hand-bound in goat skin leather, signed by the author, hand-numbered and printed on beautifully crafted paper that has deckle-edges and watermarks.

Price: £150.00 or $246.00 USD (approximately)

234 x 153 x 50mm
440 pages
isbn: 978-1-84737-747-0


Short of a miracle, I’ll never be lucky enough to own a copy of this beautiful, Collector’s Edition…but it certainly doesn’t stop me from wanting it! I’m hoping that some of my lovely readers will be able to get themselves a copy; if YOU happen to be a proud new owner, please let us know how wonderful it feels, looks and smells…and by the way…you’re one lucky duck!! :)

So…What did you find today?


3 thoughts on “Friday’s Find – Meme

  1. Kathy – I agree with you 100%! :) I hope that you have a magnificent library someday, filled with books just a beautiful as this Collector’s Edition of The White Queen (I wouldn’t mind a pretty little library myself). It sounds like they might be thinking of creating more Collector’s Editions…from some of her other novels; I don’t know if it’s anything more then a rumour but I sure hope it’s true!! ;)

    Natalie – Oh, I know eh? I almost cried when I saw it and then again when I saw the cost; not that it’s outrageous when one considers what you get for the price, but still. Who knows…maybe someday we’ll own a copy…even if it is of a different book written by Philippa Gregory.

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