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This Friday’s Find is a:




I have been a fan of National Geographic since before I could read. As a child, I can’t count the number of times that I looked through old or new copies of the National Geographic; sometimes I found them in a Doctor’s waiting room, sometimes I would find copies at a yard sale that I just had to buy with my meager savings. The untold treasures inside always amazed me. I grew up in a rather money-scarce environment that didn’t allow for a lot of travelling or exploring to broaden my horizons, so all of the National Geographic magazines that I could get my hands on were worth their weight in gold! They took me to exotic places in far away lands and taught me about so many different peoples, races, religion and cultures…it made the world so accessable to me in my tiny world. I owe thanks to National Geographic for expanding my horizons and for helping me to explore fabulous, unknown places, right in my own backyard.

We usually have a subscription to at least one of the magazines at any given time. Our DS has the National Geographic Kids magazine and loves it! We also love buying the beautiful books and atlases from National Geographic…we just can’t get enough of it!!!

So…What did you find today? 


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Find – Meme

  1. Hi Joni,

    That’s interesting…thanks for sharing your little gal thoughts with us! We (as children) ask the strangest questions sometimes…not that your question was strange…just in general. If we didn’t ask we’d never know, so it’s a good thing. :)

    I’m pretty sure those kids got yelled at too. ;) lol

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