Giving the memes a break…

Hi There!

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has participated in our memes!  It was a lot of fun to have you join in and please feel free to continue on as usual, but I am going to be taking a break from the memes. 

Why you might ask? Well, I don’t really know. :) And this could change of course, if I thought that there was a larger following for these memes then I have observed thus far…those who are friendly lurkers perhaps? But I’m pretty sure that these memes just haven’t taken off and that’s okay. :)

Thanks again to everyone who has, read, commented-on and participated in Friday’s Find and Sunday Sit-Down, hosted by yours truly.


 Friday's Find  on  Book Reviews By Bobbie

Sunday Sit-Down


One thought on “Giving the memes a break…

  1. Well I’m not a religious poster of meme’s but once in awhile I like to join in. This last Friday I did the Friday find and its a chance to see whats new out there and well , add to my humongous list of must read books!
    Natalie :0)

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