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Let me introduce you to Cheryl Masciarelli, who Loves To Read!  She’s a lovely woman and a book blogger whom I’ve recently become acquainted with. So enough from me, lets hear from Cheryl Masciarelli:

“I’ve been married for 29 yrs this April and have 2 great, adult sons. I am very lucky to have 2 great “daughters”, my son’s girlfriends. I was a RN by profession but due to multiple medical problems became disabled approx 15 years ago. The worst is a rare and painful spine disease as a result of having 3 past back surgeries. I am currently facing a 4th operation, which I am posting about on my site as I go through this medical journey.

I have always been an avid reader but even more so since becoming disabled. My youngest son introduced me to online sweepstakes to help on those days when the pain was so intense that I couldn’t even accomplish minor household chores. He felt it would help me pass the time. That is how I stumbled onto a book blog. There was a sweepstakes to win a book from a blog. I then started to click on the blogrolls of more and more blogs that I found. I was inspired to try to create a “personal journal” of books that I had read. Creating my page was a miracle in itself as I am not computer savvy. The more that I read these blogs, the more it appeared to be fun if one joined in on memes and challenges. With the help of some bloggers who took me under their wing and were so patient with me when I had questions, I took my “personal journal” to a level I never thought it would get to. I am now doing requested reviews from publishers, authors, and/or agents and entering a lot “fun things to do” in the book bloggers’ community.

My mantra has always been and still is “everything happens for a reason….and we don’t ask why…just know it is to be”. I truly believe that I’ve found the world of book blogging at this time to help me get through some difficult times.”

Thanks so much for allowing me to showcase your blog, Cheryl Masciarelli!

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6 thoughts on “Book Blog Showcase

  1. Tweezle – Thanks, I fully agree with you! :) I’m so glad that you enjoyed it.

    Natalie – Why thank you! :) You’re right…and lucky for us, book bloggers are super-nice people to meet and get to know. I’m sure that Cheryl will be happy to have you drop by!

    Cheryl Masciarelli – It was my pleasure to showcase your blog! :)

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