Writing in books…is it wrong?

writing in a book

Writing in Books

Yes, I’ll admit that I’ve committed this grievous transgression, over and over again.  I always write the date I’ve received a review copy & the senders name on the first or second page of the book…it helps me keep track of things.  Sometimes I put pencil brackets or quotation marks on some inside pages and quite often, I will write point-form notes on the last page of the book as I am reading it.  I know…for some this would be ABSOLUTELY, unthinkably criminal.  That’s why I am asking everyone for their opinion and I’m including a poll in this post.

I don’t write in the books that I purchase with my own money…does that  redeem me? :)

So what’s your view on it? 
Do you write in books or do you think that it’s a terrible thing to do?

Please check ALL that apply!

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